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Updated: Apr 4


Friday 23rd/ 7-9pm/ Online / In person


Rebirthing is a powerful tool to release the subconscious mind, the storehouse of misery. When the baggage from the past becomes too much it leaks from the subconscious mind into your conscious life, creates stress, pain, and fear.


The mind either controls you, or you control the mind. There cannot be two relationships. It’s impossible to control the mind and have the mind control you.  Life is all about the control of the mind, but there must be spirit behind it. If there is no spirit – no soul, then there is no point. The sole purpose of the soul is you must shine like a star.


Life is full of pain, that’s a fact. Pain is an essential part of life, that causes you to move. The question is why is there pain? Just understand one thing, it doesn’t matter if your religious or non-religious, great or not great, your prosperity is proportionate to your purity.  In this sense rebirthing allows you to access the spirit, so you can confront the pain, clear out the fear and obstacles that stop you from living in prosperity. Then you can shine like the bright star that you really are.

Love, light and laughter


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