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Presence, Remembering, Flowering

Last month the 3 bought us the fire to keep up and the concept of form. With form often comes the identification and attachment to form. As we move into April, the 4th month, the Neutral Mind we step into the possibility to live beyond form.


The Neutral Mind is connected to the 4th dimension, the heart, the breath, and is considered the gateway to the higher more impersonal bodies.  When balanced it allows the soul to fully experience the full spectrum of life whilst maintaining a non-attached awareness of self. When I am aware that I am not the form but something that inhabits the form then I move into a sense of the fourth dimension and inhabit the heart. This creates a moment to change the form. A moment of awakening and discovery.

This happens with the spontaneous unfolding of gratitude in the heart. Gratitude is a state of presence and remembering. Presence comes through the breath. We are only conscious when we are breathing consciously. To breathe consciously, we take the unconscious breath, make it conscious, heal the subconscious. When we remember the past with a heart of gratitude not judgement an opportunity to choose from conscious Neutral Mind emerges. A decision is not a real choice until it’s made consciously. Otherwise, it is mere reaction made from the trauma or wound of the past, stored in the subconscious.

Our most intimate relationships are said to be the highest form of yoga. Intimate relationships mirror the parts we’d rather hide, the shame we’d rather keep buried, the abusive patterns we’ve inherited from generations. Yet we need these relationships, they can create a safe environment to explore these shadow parts hidden within us. They can allow our flower to open and blossom. Only when we choose to trust to open do we discover the power and strength in opening. We realise that to be vulnerable is not a weakness instead a chance to show our beauty, and that the human heart can flower perpetually. We see for every petal stripped away by the pain of the past, there are ten more petals opening from the very centre of your heart.

When we awaken, we awaken ourselves to the possibility of conscious decision making. Our wounded child no longer needs to play the victim role, instead what you make of your destiny, your aspirations and your flowering becomes a conscious choice from the true child. We move beyond the form created by the past 3, return to the depths of the longing 2, to serve the souls higher purpose which is to serve the soul in everyone 10.  

1+2+3+4 = 10

This month represents the 4 in 2024. A chance to dive deep into the overall theme of the year. The 4 + 2 = 6. 4, the heart of consciousness, and 6, the consciousness of the heart. Those who attend to whom they are becoming as opposed to whom you have been will unfold the petals of their heart to be conscious of being conscious. What comes from making decisions from the Neutral Mind is gratitude, presence, compassionate remembering, an opening to love and selfless service to all. 

Love, light and laughter 



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