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I go by either name Devpreet, the one who lives in sublime consciousness, (the divine light) with love and compassion or Denie - the visionary. I have an artist heart and soul of a philosopher. People fascinate me, and I often find myself asking the deep questions about them and the life they live. It’s all in search of finding a more truthful and peaceful way to live. I believe it’s each persons birth right to live in Sat Nam - their truth. 

I also believe there are many paths to self-discovery and self-healing happens more easily when approached from a place of deep listening and compassion. My own journey started uniquely, as I spent most of my 20’s playing professional soccer for the Matildas. The artist in me always felt like there was something more I needed to discover within me and find a way to express it. When I retired from football, I dove into another passion, film, and wrote and directed a few short films, one of which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006. This strangely enough led me to Kundalini Yoga. 


Kundalini Yoga has so far proved to be the most transformative, healing path I have found myself on. My first Kundalini class literally changed my life. When that sense of pure liberation hit me, I knew it was something I had to pursue and share. A few years later, together with a few other teachers, I went on to set up the first not for profit Kundalini Yoga Festival Australia, and another NFP, the Kundalini Yoga Collective. Over the past 8 years, it too has gone under its own transformation and is now what we know as the Collective Healing Centre.  


The centre not only offers kundalini yoga, but now it has opened its doors to all paths and modalities. My passion is to create a safe healing space so others can step into their own power and truth. My own group classes, or private one-on-one sessions provide a powerful, transformative, heart-centred experience. They are a chance
to go beyond the obstacles and fears of the mind so we can live the happiest, healthiest version of ourselves.

My spiritual name is a reminder of my role here on this beautiful planet, to uplift and serve self and others through love and compassion.  I receive great joy from seeing that light re-emerge in others who have been struggling or lost their way on their path to self. I truly believe as we move further into the Aquarian Age, the art of deeply listening and compassion will be our greatest tools we have to raise our collective consciousness, one heart at a time.  

As our world rapidly changes around us more people are reaching a crossroads and are looking for that "something more". This may be within yourself, within your relationships, out in the world and even beyond, to the spiritual. You may be unsure of just what that something is and you need support to uncover, resolve or heal it. Sometimes our life journey leaves us with stress, pain, trauma, struggle with identity and this can lead us to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as anxiety, depression, addiction and disconnection.


Gestalt therapy is a relational, somatic and experiential therapy that allows the inclusion of other modalities to best support you. Gestalt gives a great platform to bring in the environmental and social contexts of a person’s life. It’s a relational approach to therapy, which enables a person to access a deeper sense of connection to self and others, to self-sooth and heal on a deep cellular level. 


In my practice I don’t only draw on my expertise as a gestalt therapist, I also utilise the techniques of my skills as a kundalini yoga teacher as well as my life experience as a queer woman, elite athlete, film maker, artist, entrepreneur, sound healer, Sunchild - Yoga for Children practitioner and tantric numerologist. 


When I work with someone, I like the idea that together we co-create a safe space built on trust and authentic communication. I will always bring an open, compassionate heart and honour the courage it takes for you to show up and face your unconscious beliefs and patterns. The new awareness and self-acceptance you'll experience will allow you to grow and live a happier, healthier life.

If you're reading this, I hope that our paths may cross, very soon.


Collective Healing Centre Newtown Sydney Yoga and Meditation
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