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The Kundalini Yoga Collective as well as other styles of yoga and meditation from local instructors.


Experience a Kundalini Workshop every Friday night!

7pm - 8.30pm / 9pm

  1. Please bring your own mat and any other props you may require for the class e.g. shawl, blanket, bolster/cushion, water bottle.

  2. All students attending will need to complete a new student form – only required once for all students (even if you have attended KYC prior to studio closure).

  3. Please sign in for each class. A record of all students attending ins required in order to comply with current regulations- this information will be retained for 28 days.


Sham Sunder


MONDAY 6.45 - 8pm

Harold – Sham Sunder means Beautiful Calmness

Harold’s journey into Kundalini Yoga began at retreat in Bali some 9 years ago where he fell in love with the practice as he recognised the parallels between the Kundalini and Tibetan Buddhist philosophies, which he studied earlier in life.

It has changed his life for the better and helped him to be in peace with himself and he has witnessed similar transformations in many of his fellow KY students.

Harold soon felt his calling to spread the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, and he completed the KRI certified Level 1 teacher training in 2013 and has been a passionate KY and mediation instructor ever since.

In the years between 2014 and 2017 he underwent the KRI Level 2 training, which substantially deepened his understanding of KY and helped him to slowly understand the programming of his subconsciousness.

“I have learned so much about myself since I started with Kundalini Yoga, which would have not been possible without the inspirations and support of the teachings.

I have realised that the essence of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation not only happens in class on the matt but has become an attitude and life  style choice that is intertwined with every situation in my life, which creates a fundamental feeling of peace, bliss and happiness, whatever the day brings.

And it is this experience that I am committed to share with everyone who decides to come to class.”

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Collective Healing Centre - Sat Ajeet -


TUESDAY 6.45 - 8pm

THURSDAY 6.45 - 8pm


Sat Ajeet is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. 

I have been teaching at KYC for the past 3 years. Although I practiced other yoga styles and Tibetan Buddhist meditation for many years, as soon as I discovered Kundalini Yoga, I was hooked. 

I felt its power immediately. It transforms me. The solution-oriented teaching provides me with tools to face the world. It connects me to my core frequency.  

I enjoy sharing this powerful positive practice with others to enriches one’s life and uplifts the world. 

Collective Healing Centre - Eilish Bouch



7pm - 8.30pm

I’m Eilish Bouchier. I help people become their most embodied and influential selves. I’ve helped thousands of people own and tell their stories and master their energy during my 30 years of design, branding and somatic work. Some have built successful and meaningful businesses and careers, others have co-created projects and communities. Each of them is driven to create impact and income, using their businesses and lives as a force for good.


I discovered Kundalini yoga in 2010 and deeply felt I had found my daily practice. A year later I found my teacher and became one too. Since then I have passionately practiced, studied and shared these teachings (and others) in my design practice, business programs, lunar workshops and more, as a way of meeting this adventure called life with grace, grit and always with humour, as it presents us with its gifts and challenges as an opportunity to grow.

Collective Healing Centre Newtown Sydney


THURSDAY 6.45 - 8pm

Community is very important to us. As a way to give back to community and connect with each other, different teachers will be teaching Kundalini Yoga classes every Thursday night at 6.45pm – 8pm.

Classes are $10 each. All levels are encouraged and beginners are welcomed.

Please bring your own mat, blanket, cushion and water bottle to class.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday night.





5 - 7.30am

What is Sadhana and why do I need it?

The essential idea of Sadhana is it’s a spiritual daily practice where we can apply the activities to nurture the qualities to which we aspire. In the Amrit Vela, early hours of the morning we take time to allow that sweetness inside us to blossom and create habits and actions aligned with a greater intent. An intent to be the best version of ourselves, living with gratitude, love, compassion, kindness, and feeding our soulful selves. 


Sadhana can be a personal practice and yet when we bring ourselves, together, closer as a group, a community, our individual consciousness is magnified by the group energy. Group Sadhana is a path we travel together, a guide in leading us to a happier and healthier life. It can be meditative and physical. It is also musical and quiet and provides the stillness to deal better with life’s changes. 


Join your kundalini community in the Amrit Vela every second Saturday for the Japji, poem by Guru Nanak, then Kundalini kriya, followed by the Aquarian mantras. This powerful, transformational 2.5 hours will be lead by one of our passionate serving Kundalini teachers


Saturday mornings 5am-730am 

All by donation 

More information contact Kevin or Devpreet 

Image by 邱 严
Image by Manuel Cossio
August Full Moon Workshop with Eilish
Collective Healing Centre _ Newtown, Syd
Collective Healing Centre - Kevin - Kund



8.30 - 9.45am

THURSDAY 6.45 - 8pm


Hi, I arrived in Sydney from England in 2019 and completed my kundalini yoga training with Karam Kriya school in London and Portugal. 


I guess I stumbled into kundalini yoga in 2015, the only yoga class I could find nearby when on holiday was a kundalini retreat. I already had several years experience with Hatha, Yin and Bikram and although I didn’t realise at that time, my first kundalini yoga experience had a big impact, soon becoming my daily practice.


For me, the literal meaning of yoga to ‘yoke or ‘join’ or ‘unite’ can take many different forms and the beauty of kundalini yoga teachings is the uniting of our oneness through movement, breath, sound and meditation, especially when we come together to practice. The power of community, our Sangat is profound. I am particularly interested in the way the teachings can help us lead an expanded and full life and how we can use them for helping those suffering from trauma and mental challenges. The technology works!! 


Also, with my interest in numerology (Karam Kriya is after all the study of numbers and how their intelligence influences our spiritual consciousness) I want to further explore the opportunity in using the teachings to help humankind both individually and collectively. I have experienced the positivity that comes from practising kundalini yoga and the life changing impact it can have. I am here to share and help others personally experience the fullness and oneness of these amazing teachings.




FRIDAYS 7 - 9pm


10 - 11.15am

$20 // $15 Student discount with booking code KYSTUDENT

Devpreet has been sharing the teachings of Kundalini Yoga for over twelve years. She is the Director of the Kundalini Yoga Festival Australasia, and the Collective Healing Centre, an artist at heart with a soul of a philosopher. Her passion is to share the teachings, which have shaped and changed her life so much. She believes this technology of Kundalini Yoga can uplift and guide us to return to our natural state of peace and happiness.   


To support her journey as a trainer she’s studied Tantric Numerology, Sat Nam Rasayan and is a Gestalt Therapist. Her professional sporting history, (she represented Australia as a Matilda in her twenties) and its this focus and deep connection to the body as a healing tool which comes through in her classes and private sessions. She also enjoys teaching kids and is a credited SunChild teacher. Her classes are strong, supportive and nurturing. She loves to challenge you to help you find your grace, so you can live in your Sat Nam – live in your truth.

Devpreet  0418 884 624 


199-201 King Street, Newtown Sydney

We are above the Modern Times bookshop and art store. Enter via Egan Street.

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