Collective Healing Centre Newtown Sydney



We are a collective of heart centred creatives working together to offer safe, supportive spaces for like minded souls looking to share their knowledge and gifts with others. We understand the need and importance for communities to gather and feel nurtured and our rooms were designed to bring healing to you and your community. 


Situated in the heart of Newtown, above the infamous Art on King, we provide space for your classes, events, or workshops. The rooms can be divided into smaller spaces for more intimate private consultations, healings and meetings. There are many paths to reach healing and we believe this comes more easily when we are together. Together we have a stronger voice to make a greater difference in the world and ourselves.


Our community spaces are available for you to hire for ongoing classes, programs or for one off events. You can also attend one of our own Collective Healing classes or events. Check out the What's On page!


Find out more about our space hire, visit our resident practitioners for a healing or check out our upcoming calendar of events.



Our story began back in 2013, when we opened the first not for profit, Kundalini Yoga Collective, (KYC). The vision was to create an affordable, safe community space offering Kundalini Yoga. As KYC grew, Devpreet the director realised that the collective spirit and healing space created from the KYC community could be available to all walks of life, not only yogis. With this in our hearts, the Collective Healing Centre (CHC) was born in 2018.   


Through Devpreet’s vision CHC continues to build and harness the collective energy creating a centre that now welcomes all modalities, all healers, practitioners, teachers and their communities. Our rooms offer groups or individuals a conscious space allowing the participant to feel safe, so they are free to relax and experience deep healing. We have been blessed with many of these amazing humans who have contributed over the years, in some way to help shape our collective healing sanctuary.

what is collective healing?​

Healing simply means wholeness. As human beings we long for the experience of wholeness. There are many people who have dedicated their lives to helping us to reconnect to our soul's true purpose.

The power of healing is through the heart; the heart is the vehicle for connecting with self, others, spirit, and the universe. The heart reminds us that we are all the same. It’s through life challenges, stress and trauma that we can feel most alone, that we lose the connection to ourselves and to others.

At the Collective Healing Centre, we understand the need for communities to come together to share, connect and heal. We offer healers, practitioners, scientists, lecturers, yogis, musicians and artists space to share their words, wisdoms and hearts. A space where the collective spirit and strength can gather and join hands to uplift and heal.

Together we are stronger.

Together we are powerful. 

And together we can make a difference in the world.

our mission

We wish to create an accessible space where the community can be healed collectively, one of joy and care, that is inclusive to all and that creates a space of community for all.

We offer a safe space that allows us to go beyond habitual speech and invites us to open our hearts in order to access and embrace other ways of knowing.

A space to discover how to create group experiences that foster belonging and enable growth where shared struggles propel us to more connectedness, resilience, joy and more!