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Kundalini Yoga Festival Australia presents Community Sadhana

Collective Healing and KYFA are very excited to offer our 5th festival - ETHER TATTVA - November 24-26th 2023.

Introducing LIVE Community Sadhana with Priti Amrit and Sadhu from the Sunshine Coast. It's been a long time coming but finally, we will have the chance to gather again to celebrate a very special practice known as the Aquarian Sadhana. Priti Amrit and Sadhu have been holding online Sadhana these past fews years to maintain the sangat spirit. This festival YOU can experience it live with your fellow Kundalini community.

It's a time when we rise early in the morning, in the Amrit Vela (time of nectar) to awaken the body, meditate and chant with some of our finest musicians. If you've never experienced a community sadhana now is the chance. There's something quite magical about coming together in community to celebrate and give gratitude for the day ahead.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Devpreet and team

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