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Illuminate Your Potential

⭕ Tues June 14th 645PM - 815PM Sydney time

🎟️ TICKETS: $55

In sacred space, we bring light to our potential and ceremonially dedicate our full moon prayers. Receive a shamanic journey and transmission of HOPE & LOVE.

🌕 We are constantly moving in rhythm to the cycles, whether we are aware of it or not, it's Nature. At this time, we honour the lunar cycle and we find ourselves on the night of the Full auspicious time to evaluate Potential and where / what we are dedicating our prayers and energies towards.

You’ll know this is for you, trust your feelings such as noticing your curiosity, wanting to join something like this, or it’s just the right time to do some healing work. I invite you to contemplate some aspects of moon magick and the wisdom of the cycles:

❓Have you been noticing your lunar cycles, what seeds of intention did you plan during the new moon 2 weeks ago?

❓What’s coming into full light for you to see, what are you wanting to shine more light on?

❓Are you ready to reconnect to Hope and Love to help you through the descent / release phase of this cycle?

Every circle and the gathering of people brings together just the right potency of energy and reason. You’ll meet and receive who you need, things will ‘come up’ as if by coincidence, the circle itself becomes the ‘shaman’, holding us together in sacred space. Every circle, I tune into the theme that’s present as the gathering of people are already starting to be called to the event - consciously or unconsciously.

This circle’s energy and moon magick is around reconnecting to Hope and Love. What you will get:

🪶 Connection and sharing in medicine circle, ceremonially offering our moon prayers in sacred space

🪶 Receive group energy clearing & activations through shamanic drum and sound journey

Katara will facilitate a journey to your inner dimensions and worlds to the soundscapes of her voice, song and frequencies. Our experience will be performed in a ceremonial context, opening a sacred healing space and invoking the supporting energies of the cardinal directions and elements as is the practice in many shamanic traditions. There’s nothing to do except to be open to share and receive, trust in what comes up for you and who shows up for the journey. See you in circle!


How to prepare / What to bring

BRING YOUR OWN YOGA MATS, water bottles. Kindly refrain from alcohol and other substances.

Wear layers… it’s always good to be able to adjust our comfort and temperature levels. We sit in circle on the floor, there will be yoga mats, cushions and blankets - bring whatever you think will keep you comfortable.

Optional: Bring an object or talisman (like a lucky charm, or anything (small) that symbolises your journey and intention) to place on the alter (and take it back with you). We will have a central alter for our time together, you can charge up your object / talisman with some good vibrations and energies of the day.

About the Facilitator

Katara Sky is a medicine woman, magic maker, counsellor and therapist. She helps you live your truth through bringing your stories to the transformation alter, healing by rewriting the stories and teaching you the magick of co-creating a life in connection with your true nature and all of Nature. Her mission through her work, connections and influence is to transform people to collectively better the world and live in harmony. By doing this, generations after us can live in greater connection with themselves, their ancestors, land and all their relations.

You can find more information about me at

Please follow on Instagram @iamkatarasky for upcoming events, or check on Eventbrite. Ceremonies and events are typically on/ around the new moon and full moon evenings.

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