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The Meaning of Love

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"Burn worldly love, rub the ashes and make ink of it, make the heart the pen, the intellect the writer, write that which has no end or limit." Guru Nanak

This month we have been working on the 6th body, the ArcLine. In Kundalini we believe we have ten bodies and the role of the 6th body, 3rd eye, ArcLine is the body that allows us to experience the unknown, the infinite within the finite. When we take the leap of faith, jump into the unknown, trust our intuition, we realise that I know the unknown is known to me, and the universe comes to serve you (even in your own lounge room).

The ArcLine is like a radio antennae, when the message we are receiving is clear, then the signal we project out becomes powerful and clear. The 6th body is very much related to the power of prayer and needs the neutrality of the 4th heart  body, to take that real leap of faith into the unknown and change the subconscious habits. When we choose to say No consciously, a space for a conscious Yes emerges. It’s in this space we begin to feel our All-ness in the Small- ness. 

It’s in this expansion we touch on a force energy, something greater than our finite self, yet feeling it, means it must be part of our us. That the sense of infinite oneness already exists within, and we are being reminded of our uniqueness. In the eye of the storm, it’s not always easy to remember this and act consciously. Most of us react from our subconscious fear ninety five percent of our day. This fear allowed us to survive, now accessing the 6th body we receive the message that this no longer works for us. Still, we falter, at the thoughts of losing connection with the other, fear of losing friends, fear of losing an old familiar part of ourselves or a bigger fear, the fear of losing love. The 6th body invites you to go beyond those fears, to remember there is no separation, to remember you are LOVE.

What is love? In Kundalini we say Love is Love. It’s a good way to say it, yet what does that mean?  

You think love is sacrifice? Forget it, as most won’t sacrifice a penny for love. Is love, feelings, and emotions? Well, emotions often lead to commotions. What about desire? Could love be desire, when desire is an automatic body system of which you have no control. Life is seventy percent free from you. And this you cannot adjust. Love must mean no anger or no fear. Well, that’s just one part of it but love is more than that. Could trust be love? Trust is not love itself. It’s true without trust there is no love. But trust can also make you blind. Is love an experience of selflessness within oneself? Yes, but how does this manifest in the real world? Acceptance? No, because we often accept things without love.  Compassion? Compassion is the angelic part of you but not you. So, what is Love?

Love is a force. It connects the known and unknown. Love is a creative force within a human which makes the impossible possible. Infinite as finite. Love is the ultimate truth at the heart of creation.

“It is only the focus, magnitude of the magnetic force of the love of a little human being that God appears. The unknown is experienced, the infinity is acknowledged. If a human can’t understand the beauty of the freedom and expansion and totality how can a human grasp infinity? Then, what ‘s the point of being human then?  Yogi Bhajan

The idea to be human is to grasp infinity in the finite. To honour our truth, take the leap, choose a conscious no, and open self to experience the infinite yes within. There is only one force which can do it and that is LOVE. Those who have love, are the only ones who have found God. They have bought God here on earth. There is no other way. Because when you are in love you have no question and no need for an answer. When you have no answer, you have no question. Then Mother nature will start serving you. That is the law. That is how the richness, the gifts, and true prosperity comes. The universe arrives to serve you and you become blessed. Blessing is nothing but a state of bliss in which pain is there, but it becomes pleasure. Pure love is transcendent, beyond space, time, and beyond the fear of death. This is the meaning of Love. 

Come share the love.



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