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New Moon in Taurus

Updated: May 18, 2023

This New Moon in Taurus is a powerful, yet simple nothing complicated kinda moon. To dive a little deeper into the energy of this New Moon, CHC has a workshop, with kundalini yoga, meditation, sound, gong bath, happening on the Central Coast. It's a in person and online workshop to manifest your GRATITUDE GROOVE.

This new moon is a very important new moon which comes through on 19th May and brings with it the eclipse energy we’re still being feeling. This will make the second half of May even more dynamic than first half. As if you thought it couldn’t get any bigger, it is about to.

You’ve probably noticed May has been an incredibly month of change, this is due partly to Jupiter moving into Taurus on the 16th May and it will stay there until 2024. What this means, is what’s happening now is an echo of 12 years ago in your life. Think back 12 years, remember and utilise this new moon to set an intention, plant a new seed to manifest what you didn’t get quite right back then and change it now.

Jupiter questions our beliefs and Taurus questions our values.

Taurus likes to keep things steady, simple, nothing complicated, and likes to build and work for the long-term. Jupiter on the other hand expands everything in its path, and then sometimes Jupiter blows it all up and brings it out into the open. So, it’s a time of push - pull. Are we going back to the OLD or starting on the road to NEW? It will be the old top down (vertical) versus community (horizontal). We will come back to unity consciousness or cling onto the old Piscean ways.

It's good to remember no-one is forcing us to take in the old or new road, and yet there is a frequency choice. We all have our own ability to make those choices, to raise the vibration and expand the vision of collective. This new moon in Taurus allows us to do just that, by simply turning back to nature. In nature we can find stability, place your bare feet on earth and grass, (earthing) you can welcome an expanded consciousness of love and find your Gratitude Groove.

I love it when … autumn is here

I love it when … I hug my dog

I love it when …I share a tea with a good friend

The more of us that can do this the more we'll be able change the vibration of the planet and live with expanded consciousness and LOVE.

Drop into stillness!

Drop into breath!

Drop into now!

Find your gratitude groove

Blessings and light


Friday 19th / 630-830pm

Davistown Hall / In person and Online

Tickets $30 student / $35 book online / 40 @ door

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