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Courage to Rest in Darkness, to Truly See our Light.

When I rest in peaceful darkness, I offer myself tenderness and compassion. I allow my innermost light to guide me through the changing seasons of my life. I can look forward to the seasons and opportunities that may come from this acceptance. I welcome it all, the light and the darkness. Only, when we have the courage to rest in the darkness, we begin to truly see our light.


JUNE 23 / 430-7pm

Winter Solstice is marked as the symbolic death and rebirth of the Sun; where the gradual waning of daylight hours is reversed and begins to grow again. It is the moment when the axis of the Earth pauses, shifts, then moves in the opposite direction. As the sun stands still, powerful energy is created and is available for us to access and utilise to change direction in our lives and build on that energy for the rest of the year.

This is a time where the dark triumphs over the light, signifying a turning point! And yet, we are so afraid of our darkness. When negative emotions come up, they make us uncomfortable, we don't want to feel them, instead we make ourselves wrong for feeling them and busy ourselves with outside distractions. When we fear our own darkness, we cut ourselves off from an essential source of our own personal power. The key is not letting darkness overwhelm our lives and our thoughts but in creating an understanding that darkness can be one of the greatest catalysts for personal growth and transformation. By allowing ourselves to feel our emotions and experience our own darkness, the darkness itself can become the spiritual cradle into which our inner light and new life is born.

Join Devpreet and Guru Devi / Sunday 23rd June / 4:30-7:00pm

An experience of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, gong bath, sound healing, and deep relaxation, with special harpist Anand Jaijeet. Followed by light snacks and connection with like-minded conscious community.


In Person $40

Online via zoom $35

BYO mat, blanket, cushion.

Guru Devi will be offering one on one healing sessions Monday 24th in Davistown

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