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2023, there's everything to see

Sat nam and happy 2023,

Depending on what calendar you follow, you may or may not have entered a new year. If you follow the Gregorian calendar then you have entered 2023, and if you follow Kundalini yoga the new year probably started back in December with the Summer Solstice. In Kundalini numerology, we follow the energy of the Solstice and we also use the energy of the numbers to guide us.

2023 is 2+2+3= 7. The number 7 is connected to the 7th body - the Aura. Every living thing has an aura; a projection of an electromagnetic field that surrounds us and depending on thoughts, traumas, and health it changes shape, size and colour. The aura gives the capacity to distinguish what belongs to what and creates a mental understanding of what we see.

The trap is we think what we see is right, and this makes up all of our understanding of what we know. We think to know and to understand is the final destination - our goal. This false sense of knowing and understanding creates a false sense of control and freedom. If I know, then I am right, safe and free. True freedom only comes when you let go of control, surrender to the unknown and trust. If the aura is strong and healthy, then trusting the unknown can be a little less daunting, as everything we experience and how we experience it comes through the electromagnetic field; the aura filters our reality. When strong the aura acts like a shield to keep out the negative influences and opens the door of the neutral mind to go beyond what we think we know and experience the unknown.

If 2022 bought you confusion, heightened emotions and lots of changes leaving you trembling in its quake then, 2023 gives you an opportunity to bring fresh eyes to see it all, even what lies underneath. In 2022 if you compromised and compensated with old tricks of the trade to get by, then this year with the ability to see everything, it will be impossible to ignore anything that doesn't vibrate or align with your true self.

Why? Because the old structure is gone. 'Fake it until you make it" just wont cut it.

The last two digits of 2023 - 23 - 2+3 = 5; The 5th body, throat chakra, our communication, the bridge, the teacher and the physical body, all correlate to the energy of the number 5. It's the 5, through form which gives us the courage to change the status quo.

When caught in mind games, you become disconnected from your body and your heart, which creates the feeling of separation. Without the neutral mind, the 7th body becomes like a prison. With the neutral mind you can get back into the body and heart, then together with the aura an opportunity to see beyond what you thought you knew emerges. The 5th body is the vehicle from which we experience it all. When you are in-tune with your body there is no denying your experience, because you are feeling it, inside of you. You are receiving direct feedback from the form of who you are. In 2023, there is no way to put it on hold or ignore it any longer. Even if what is happening is not fully clear, you may find it challenging to be anything than transparent.

Now is the time! The inner work you've been doing will come into fruition. Even if you can see it, yet can't FIX it, now is the time to OWN IT. Now is the time to accept your total inner reality. There is no right or wrong, no good or bad, no room for judgement. The only way forward is through compassion and acceptance. When you become aware of the contraction within, accept the uncomfortableness, surrender follows. Surrendering to the unknown allows the old projections to fall away, then you act instead of react. Expansion of the self occurs. This is true freedom.

The number 3 in 2023, connects us to the fire element, the triangle (first shape), and the energy of transformation. Just like a forest fire, when all is burnt and the new seeds and seedlings find a way to renew and replenish themselves out of the ash, the 3 brings the eyes to see it in a renewed way; where everything is welcomed. The fire, the devastation, and the regrowth. Fresh eyes allow you to see through the smokey confusion of the last few years and utilise this sense of pressure between anxiety and excitement to create what you've been too afraid to go for in the past.

The space of the in between enables recognition that I've been investing my prana (life force) in a cover up story of the subconscious patterns, using food, sex, and addictions to avoid my totality. If I revert to the past to avoid the expansion, retreat back into my shell the power struggle will continue and I'll be consumed. Not only do I miss the opportunity to go for my needs, I trick myself into finding security some place less conscious and repress the chance to finally fulfil my desires.

It's clear, that this year is sending out some big messages through these numbers. We often need the pressure to awaken us to change. Recognition without judgement leads to Oneness. Form and structure are needed to manifest. The question is what structure will help nourish your needs and growth? The egg is cracking and you, the little bird can no longer stay hidden and small in your shell. 2023, there's everything to see; it all depends on what you choose to focus on.

blessings and light


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