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Hire Time

  • The duration of hire includes set up and pack down time. If you need longer than what is offered on the booking page please get in touch.

  • Please note that another member may have the space booked from the time that you finish so it is imperative you allow enough time to clear the room after your event.

Permitted Use

  • The Collective Healing Centre can only be used for the purpose, duration and time agreed to by CHC. Any subsequent changes must be in agreement with CHC prior to your event.

  • We are ok with you eating in either room or the foyer but only vegetarian food is allowed on the premises. There is a slow cooker, rice cooker, electric hot plate, and microwave available if needed to heat up food. There are 2 urns for chai. Please don’t put chai in the kettle. Feel free to help yourself to the tea selection and kitchen facilities provided.

  • No smoking, alcohol or illicit drugs are allowed in the premises.


  • There is a lock box outside CHC at the Egan street door to access the keys. We will give you the pin code, which you need to open and close the box, once you have paid for your event. Please ensure you return the key to the box and relock it as soon as you open the doors. 

  • Please also ensure the door of the space is locked when you leave.

  • A $50 fee will be applied for lost or misplaced keys. 

  • The main entrance door must be kept locked for the duration of your event.

Capacity for Space 1 and 2

  • Each space is approximately 60m2 – 65m2 and accommodates about 30 yoga mats & up to 45 people sitting comfortably. Any more than that is at your own risk.

  • The CHC room can be divided into smaller spaces using the curtains on tracks, creating a more intimate space for private sessions. The screens at back of room are held on by small tracks, and slide to open or close them. Please be gentle sliding them. If they come off the tracks please let us know and they are easily fixed.


  • Both rooms have air-conditioning and fans. Remotes are inside the rooms at the back. Please remember to turn off before you leave. 

  • Armchairs from the foyer can also be used if prearranged.

  • Please return all equipment to their correct storage and leave rooms as found.

  • KYC room - Yoga mats, cushions, and blankets are stored in the bench seats in the foyer. There is also a lockable compartment for your participants to lock up their belongings.

  • CHC room - Yoga mats and blankets are stored in cupboard out back or in the door in the wall. Pillows are stored on shelves inside the room. 

  • Fold out chairs, easels, white boards, markers, extension leads, other stationary material are stored back behind screens.

  • This room has a projector with screen, which can be hired at extra cost on request.


  • CHC and all common areas (including the kitchen, lounge, bathroom areas) must be left clean and presentable after your event. This includes cleaning the floor, ensuring all props are back in their place and collecting all rubbish.

  • Put all rubbish in bins supplied. If bins are full, please empty into the big skip bins behind the building on Mechanic Street.

  • Please ensure you turn off the air-conditioner, fans, lights and blow out any candles.

Sound System

  • A sound system is available in both rooms.

  • KYC room - the sound system sits at the back on a table. Press the ON button, bottom

  • left, then plug in device, and turn volume up and down.

  • CHC room – the sound system sits on the top of the cupboard at the back. Turn power

  • on at the wall. Press the ON button, bottom left. Mobile/aux cord is plugged in and sits underneath the screens by the stage. There is also an adaptor, which fits new phones and has charging option. It is found on top of the cupboard or plinth. Instructions are on the cupboard. You can adjust the volume using your device or laptop.

  • Please don’t place anything on the top of the sound systems. The cost of any damages must be covered by you. 

Safety & Emergencies

  • You must ensure your safety and the safety of your guests and/or students while in the CHC space.

  • Open flame candles are permitted in the space but only if contained in a glass or other fireproof container. Please make sure they are extinguished before leaving the room.

  • You must ensure your guests and/or students are aware of and abide by any emergency procedure set out by us or the Landlord

  • KYC room - Fire extinguisher at the back of the room

  • CHC room - Fire extinguisher at the entrance in hallway

  • Another 2 fire extinguishers are outside the toilets

  • First aid Kit and fire blanket are in the kitchen on the wall and under the sink.

Personal Property & Insurance

  • You are required to hold your own Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance while teaching at the Centre. A copy of your insurance is required at the time of booking. 

  • All personal property you bring to the CHC space is your own responsibility. We have a lost and found box in the foyer and lost property will be stored there for a month only, then thrown out or given away.

  • CHC or the Landlord cannot be held liable for any injury to yourself or to other members or non-members whilst on the premises, nor can those parties be held liable for loss or damages to your personal property or for personal property that is left on the premises while you're not there.

Nuisance and Illegal Activities

  • Please be respectful to the owners and occupiers of our neighbouring studios by keeping the level of noise to a minimum in communal areas.

  • We have Session in Progress signs, feel free to use them if required.

  • You must not engage in illegal activities whilst occupying the Collective Healing Centre.

Hire Fees

  • Refer to Memberships here

  • Refer to Hire Fees here

Class or Ongoing Workshop Arrangement

  • I agree to a 60/40 split of the takings in the class (50/50 if 3 students or less) 

  • I will follow the class enrolment procedure and will keep track of student payments to ensure the tally of income is easily attained.

  • I understand this is a collaborative option in which I will be required to actively promote the event

  • I understand I am responsible for my class/workshop and will ensure proper measures are taken in case of being unable to attend. 

Memberships and Terms

  • Membership fees are non-refundable or transferrable.

  • Your membership is valid for the duration of time as originally purchased. After this time you will be required to renew your membership to continue to receive membership benefits. Alternatively you can continue to use the space under the Casual Hire Terms.

  • Your Membership Terms are as outlined:
    As a member you receive:

    • Discounted space hire

    • Marketing: Feature on our website & social media channels as a Collective Member. You are given access to list your events on our event and ticketing page.
      Post your flyers on the Collective notice board.
      We can co-host all your Facebook events.
      Reach 800+ local subscribers by being included in our newsletter.

    • Practitioner: Your treatment practice will be listed on our Practitioners page

    • Yoga/ Meditation/ Class Facilitator: Your weekly class will be listed on our Class page

    • Online Appointment Calendar (for 6 & 12 month memberships): Use of our booking system for 1:1 appointment bookings

Space Hire Cancellations

  • 80% refund is available for cancellations made with greater than 1 months notice

  • 50% refund is available for cancellations made with greater than 2 weeks notice.

  • There is NO refund available for cancellations made with less than 2 weeks notice.

  • We CANNOT guarantee your booking until you pay, so please pay ASAP.


  • Your agreed fee must be paid into the Collective Healing Centre bank account at least 7 days PRIOR to your weekday event and 14 days PRIOR to your weekend event. 

  • You can also pay online through the CHC website and Square.

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