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The 7th body - the Aura

In kundalini yoga we believe we have ten bodies not just one. This week we move into the month of July, the 7th month is connected to the 7th body - the Aura

As some of you know I’m also a therapist at a drug and rehab centre, as well as kundalini teacher. Kundalini often finds its way into my sessions with clients and although none of them have ever done anything remotely close to kundalini they really resonate and leave feeling renewed. (And yes sometimes a little dazed with WTF response) The rehab approach uses the 12 step program as its base, which puts principles before personalities. The person is asked to take personal inventory and consider where they have bought suffering to self and others, and how they can take responsibility for their actions. It seems the more I learn about this approach, the more the paths of serenity and shuniya ( zero/ nothing) run parallel. As we move into July, it seemed fitting to lean into the 7th of the 12 steps. The 7th step is an opportunity to explore our relationship with humility. It suggests that without humility we are fated to live by ego alone. For sure we need the ego to survive but to live by ego only drives us to exhaustion, frustration and addiction. The 7th step asks God to remove ones shortcomings, so we can embrace our infinite self and let the source take care of the rest. In kundalini yoga to surrender and trust our infinite self, we need a strong aura. The aura is what guides you = your outer personality. The aura is the part that records almost everything that happens in your psyche. The pain and pleasure you experience is recorded in your aura your akashic record. (akashic record = all the events, actions, thoughts that have happened since the beginning of time) The aura protects you from negativity and gives you the sensitivity to your environment; it is given to you to reflect yourself.

When the aura is condensed we react from our animal survival nature. When strong it can expand from 3 to 9 feet on either side, and we have a better sense of our own identity, we act instead of react. In the 7th step the humility piece enters with the idea that it’s not our job to know which parts of ourself needs adjusting and which parts serve our life and others but instead invites us to stop judging ourselves for our shortcomings and hold ourselves in Gods grace. After all it is the vastness and the subtlety of your aura which makes you act right and makes you beautiful.

Blessings and a vastness of light


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