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Rebirth workshop - the true meaning of yoga is union

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FRIDAY 28th/ 730-930pm

In the west we have come to understand that yoga is about exercise, stretching, and jumping around – cat and cow. Some think it gives tranquillity, peace, and some good sexual potency. Yoga simply means union. It is given to us to experience Infinity in our own finite form

“Yoga is a simple union in which a person can live loftily in their excellence between the grinding two wheels of the universe – the inner and outer. It’s a science, and it’s an art. It doesn’t belong to any hanky-panky. Yogi bhajan

The soul longs for the experience of the Creation through its human life and the human longs to merge again with Infinity. We seek this union through the divine circle of life, through the polarities, the inner and outer energies. If you cannot meet those outer demands at an equal rate, then your inner demands cannot be met. If you meet all your inner demands but not your outer demands or outer demands and not your inner demands, you’re likely to end up in a mess. 

You have the power to reach your subconscious, (storehouse of misery) then you should do it consciously. When we consciously clear out the subconscious beliefs and patterns created in the womb, from 120th day, you can clear up the mess. Our total energies become unison; we become deathless. To live in union of the self with the Self is that, paradoxically, can make us fully human. It’s the path that will lead us onward to find the bliss that is at the core of being human. 

Join devpreet for this special kundalini rebirth / Friday 28th / 730-930pm / online/ in person

love, light and laughter


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