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Hey, you're way too sensitive!!

This week we continue working on the Aura, the 7th body/ 7th chakra to increase our sensitivity. Yep, being sensitive is something truly needed right now, especially as we move through these challenging Aquarian times. So, next time someone lets you know - hey, you’re too sensitive you can let them know why…..

The space around us can have different energy depending on its strength and capacity. It needs a polarity to have an electromagnetic field. Every living being has a projection of an electromagnetic field/ aura. The Aura has form, shape and colours and gives us the capacity to distinguish what belongs to what and the mental understanding of the structures behind what we see. Depending on your thoughts, health, past wounds, etc, these all effect the colour, shape and size of your aura = your protected shield. The 7th chakra is a way to understand how energy moves and us connected in the body. Think about how often the 7 shows up in the world Here’s a few 7 colours of the rainbow 7 days of the week 7 steps to happiness 7 keys to conscious and understanding The trap is we believe to understand is the final destination. The mind thinks to know is to control. The aura is a tool to be in relationship with something we will never know – the unknown. It’s a way to be in touch with the invisible. Problem is we are limited by our mental capacity. The idea is to go beyond the mind, as the mind is conditioned by the polarity. The neutral mind is the door to go beyond what I KNOW. The electromagnetic field without the neutral mind can become a prison as we rely on what we know and don’t question anything. We get caught in what we think we know. In numerology it’s the 7 that gives shape to something that is not tangle, its here we begin to understand in a different way, beyond the mind. This brings us into expansion. It gives us the tool to be in relationship with the other, and feel the resonance within our own self. It allows your intuition and sensitivity to play a part and really count. When the aura is strong and balanced we are able to surrender the past, the shame, the blame, the revenge and the knowing it should be different. It enables us to let go of the hurt and let go of the attachment to our stories and beliefs to look beyond into the unknown. It gives us the courage to take the leap, to trust, to realise we have no enemies and allows us to become (Nirvair) revenge - less and simply forgive.

Looking forward to seeing you all

Saturday 9th 8-930am

Online and in person - Davistown hall

Love to all, light to all, peace to all


Always was, always will be aboriginal land

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