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Confidence, Courage and Commitment

In Kundalini Yoga there are ten bodies, each body correlates to the energy of a number. As we move into July, we access the 7th dimension, the Auric body, Nirvair - No enemy.


Confidence, Courage, and Commitment

I usually like to sit and mediate on the number of the month as it comes in, but this week has felt almost impossible to find space to feel much about the number 7. Which is interesting as the 7 is all around us, all the time, protecting us with its electromagnetic field of light and colours.

The 7th body in Kundalini is connected to the Aura. Everything has an Aura, even rocks, yet we are the only ones who have tools and techniques to expand our Auric field. Meditating, wearing white, singing out loud, especially in the shower... well, this my experience.

The idea of one’s own experience as a tool for healing is an interesting one. The result of what you have experienced and who you think you are, is filtered through your Aura. What is not digested throughout your life is stored in your Aura and will affect the flow of prana with our electromagnetic field. Often through the number 7, we’re too busy criticising, judging, ignoring ourselves and miss the opportunity to witness, honour and accept our experience as something worth sharing. Thing is, if we haven’t experienced it, had a personal relationship with it, it’s impossible to share it as it will feel empty and false.

The Aura’s colours, frequency, patterns, shape, reflects who we are in every moment. It filters what comes to you through and allows certain information by the power of attraction and repulsion. The Aura is the truth keeper. The Aura never lies. And yet!!

Self-confidence is normally what we believe, and how we act from that belief. Right?  Well, what if right is wrong? If what is stored in the Aura, is my undigested life processes, corrupted by past judgements, memories, circumstantial, environmental, and passionate truth, then my self- confidence is also corrupted. Every action is a reaction based on what is stored in my Auric field. The Aura never lies, and yet is constantly lying. True self-confidence means that you do exactly what is expected of your grace—not what is expected of you.

This is easier send than done, because what we’re talking about is the very you that you’ve always known and believed, is stored in the electromagnetic field that forever surrounds, shapes, colours you and your world.

For every human being, whether you are a woman, man, in-between, there’s one thing that matters; it’s not the life that matters but the courage you bring to it. The ultimate courage is forgiveness – we say, Nirvair - No enemy.  When we have the courage to let go of old believes, courage to let go of the judgments that keeps us separate, courage to trust that our unique experience is enough, then when we share, it’s from a place of confidence, and grace. Otherwise, we remain trapped behind a glass wall tainted by my perceived complicated beliefs, fantasies, explanations, and stories. With courage we realise there are no enemies, including self, especially self.

“Self-trust is the most beautiful state of mind. Self-trust is Divinity in you. Self-trust is dignity in you. Self-trust is grace in you. It comes to you when you have courage, good courage. And when you say, I have self-confidence, you always understand that self-confidence is when you feel you are doing what you know. But that is not self-courage, that is not self-confidence, that is not self-knowledge. When you know you are acting from your commitment, you are in perfect self-confidence” Yogi Bhajan

Without commitment there’s no room for courage, true self-confidence, self-trust. When we commit to our higher self, we create a conscious character beyond the false reality. If you want to know what is good for you, what is lower or higher for you, what no longer serves you, ask your consciousness, and commit to your higher self. 

The world where we live has been complicated through the eyes from which we perceive it. We colour it with a little story, lie, fantasy, what we believe to be true through the 7. We add more to it than there is because this is what we’ve been taught. What if we could see the world for exactly as it is, come back to what is and see the one shining light through all, and smile?

This was my personal experience this week. Including the impossible feeling as part of the energy of this month, shined a light onto some old conditioning around my achieving, over doing beliefs, still stored in my own Auric body, showed me where I need a little more courage to self-forgive.

The process of life is that we encourage ourselves to commit to raising our consciousness so that we can live more consciously. The moment you digest the experience the Aura is changed, and we attract different opportunities, people, and experiences. We begin to see life for what it is, not what we project onto it. We are ready to make the final judgement which is the agreement with the first truth – all is well.



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