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Sharon Jacobson

Healer / Wise Counsel

with Sharon Jacobson

Counselling, Healing & Astrology

I have been on a committed healing journey for the past 25 years which has initiated me into a range of intensive experiences, ceremonies and practices. On the path to healing my own web of personal, ancestral and collective trauma I daily recover the qualities of humility, kindness, truth and unconditional love from the clutches of the ego. Along with the diagnostic tools of astrology, numerology, Kundalini Yoga, etheric healing, deep listening and intuition, these qualities are the sacred objects in my medicine bag. 


In some cultures my way of working might be assigned to the role of the shaman – someone who stands at the threshold of life and death to help people recall soul fragments from their place of exile. Like the shaman, I have traversed the dark places in myself which enables me to take people to the brink of change. I also work on the etheric level to receive information and channel healing energy through my hands either remotely or in-person.

Experience has taught me that the role of the witness in a relationship is a key to profound healing. Through the force of unconditional love the witness is able to see into the darkness and bring the unseen into the light of truth. Alongside a process of deep questioning and intuitive guidance I see the healing relationship as a uniquely individual co-creation with each person. 


Although I have several ‘recognised’ arts- and therapy-related credentials including training in theatre and screenwriting, gestalt therapy, family constellations and psychodrama facilitation, level 2 teacher and mental health therapy in kundalini yoga, my biggest resource is the wisdom gained from living life.


With love and courage to all who commit to the healing journey! 




To discuss your healing needs, please contact me here:



m: 0414912697

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