Winter Solstice ~ KAP | Kundalini Activation Process

Updated: Jul 20

Special ~ Winter Solstice KAP

Come join us for KAP on the Winter Solstice! The Winter Solstice 2021 is exact in Southern Hemisphere at 1:31 pm on Monday, 21 June. We reach the turning point, the days begin to lengthen again, daylight increases and nature begins to reawaken. Come join us in a Spiral Walk and special Solstice KAP in celebration of the turning of the seasons!

Discover you are more than you think!

Kundalini is the life-force energy that resides in us and connects us with the universe. KAP is a process that activates this energy, increasing our experience and awareness of it. During a KAP session you may experience this energy moving through various aspects of your being - physical body, emotions, mind, spirit, consciousness - bringing emotional or physical release, clarity or insight, discovery, aliveness, openness and connection, or deep relaxation and inner stillness.

The very act of surrendering to this life-force, of trust and simply letting go, and allowing it to flow through us, to hold, guide and dance with us can be profound. Every activation and each person's journey with kundalini is unique.


If this is new to you ~

Essential Information:

* You don't need any previous experience.

* Please bring your own yoga mat or towel to lie on.

* Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. You may find it helpful to wear layers.

* Ideally, don't eat too much before the session.

What happens during the session?

* You lie down on a yoga mat and close your eyes. Some music is played.

* With your permission, I may touch some of the chakra points or meridian lines of your body, or work with your energy body.

Possible responses

* Spontaneous movements or shaking in the body.

* Deep insights or realizations.

* Visions and heightened senses.

* Expressions of emotions and release of blockages.

* Or shifts in your awareness and being in the coming days after a session.

These are just some of the things that KAP participants can and do experience.

Cost is $40 - Concession $30 * Assisted Price $30 (The Assisted Price is for those who would be unable to attend this session at the full regular price.) First time participants $25

Pre-booking is recommended as places are limited.

If you are experiencing financial challenges please talk to me. We can always work something out!

I look forward to meeting you! 💗🌸

Rebecca Romans

KAP Facilitator



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