When did you last let your heart decide?

Updated: May 25

In Sydney on May 26th the super blood red full moon, will see us have a total lunar eclipse. This super energised moon can take you from your dark shadows to light and potentially have your world shining, shimmering and splendid.

The closer the moon is to the Earth, the more intense the pull on the tides, as well as all of your instincts, feelings, and overall complications in life. When a super moon is combined with a total lunar eclipse, you get one strong mix of cosmic forces. An eclipse symbolises beginnings, endings, culminations, and clean slates.

The spiritual aspects of the moon represent our deep emotional tides, and so when the shadow passes over the moon, temporarily ceasing the illumination of our emotional being, there is an opportunity to reveal and transform our current emotional state.

The super blood moon will be in Sagittarius, and Sagittarius is a zodiac sign that craves adventure, spontaneity, and a story for the books. This lunar eclipse is likely to induce within you a desire for fresh experiences and a deviation from the norm. Sagittarius is also one of the most honest zodiac signs of all, so expect a few glaring truths to finally be spilled. On this super blood moon lunar eclipse, you may not feel very sure of anything at all. There is another side to eclipses that is important to remember. Eclipses are like the cosmic helping hand of the Universe. Trust the Universe to support you.

Pause – Prepare – Take a Deep Breath

Whether you are ready for it, an eclipse is the perfect time to finally decide on those decisions you've been afraid to make, to add your final touches to a project that’s been driving you mad, to break off a relationship that have been weighing you down, to gather up the courage to ask for a pay rise, to finally start writing that novel, to quit your lackluster job and follow your dreams.

Eclipses are necessary times that put a full stop at certain chapters of your life you have been living in. Basically, this story is over, but a new one will begin tomorrow. No matter where you are at in life, the eclipse will push you out of our comfort zone. By the time it is over, you will have grown and be shining brightly.

For this month’s full moon kundalini yoga and sound immersion class we will be focusing on embracing change and honouring life cycles .

Look forward to seeing you Friday 28th 7-830 pm


Sita Simran and Guru Devi



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