Vibrational Flow - Sound Healing & Kundalini Activation

Updated: Jul 20

Join Marco and Andrea in a journey through sound and life energy (kundalini) awakening to connect to your true self.

Kundalini is life energy, located at the base of the spine, which connects us to the universe.

All living creatures are connected to this energy from the first moment in their lives, but usually this energy is inactive or “asleep”.

When Kundalini is asleep, we only access a fraction of it and often our conscious minds feel separated from it.

Through the process of Kundalini Activation, we “awaken” this energy and we clear away the illusion that makes us feel separate from it and inhibits us from experiencing life from a unified state of consciousness.

We facilitate this work of consciousness expansion by creating a vibratory resonant field through live music and instrumental sounds with recorded tracks and body/energy work. Instruments like Didgeridoo, Rattle, Shamanic Drum, Native American Flute, Tibetan Bowls have the power to release vibratory waves which facilitate the natural movement of energy through the body.

No previous experience is needed. Every Tuesday, check in at 6.45pm, the event will start at 7pm. For info and tickets click HERE

In Gratitude

Andrea and Marco


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