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  • Eilish

Tuning into the New Moon


Friday 18 September

7 - 8.45pm

Virgo is represented by the virgin- a strong, independent person who knows what they want and doesn’t need to answer to anyone. When the virgin connects with its independence and inner strength, it connects with its fullest potential.

During these testing times we are being reminded constantly and consistently that the only truth is our own truth and that everything we have is within us and to make time to check in daily. This daily practice is not just to raise our own vibration but to contribute to raising the collective consciousness. The Jupiter conjunct in Capricorn January has shown the power and the shadow of the institutional powers in action and we've been feeling the pressure of this control. As it Jupiter moves in Aquarius the collective consciousness will shift into realising it can choose self-responsibility over institutional control.

Will it steal its exhausted, bored and busy self away from the computer screen, fast food and Netflix binging to choose liberation at the cost of growing up or will it give away its hard earned civil liberties for what it can no longer tell itself is comfortable or permissible within its own moral compass.

But first we have this New Moon which is about structures and systems being service of our liberation. If you have been feeling the need to Marie Kondo your mind, body, business, emotions, work or wardrobe then you're right on track. Virgo wants you to create freedom through discipline. What will serve your mind, body, soul, social and emotional self. What needs editing, streamlining, nurturing and nourishing?

Knowing you are divine and human through and through what does your micro self need to serve your infinite self? Virgo isn't naturally patient. It likes efficiency and values tangible results. Be kind and patient with yourself. We're playing a long game with most of the heavy hitters in retrograde. 

As you read this remember the final moon phase is a time of reflection, restoration, review and quiet. Don't start new projects, finish what needs completing but this phase is your cycle time out. Get your feet on the earth, or in the ocean if you can. I look forward to seeing you on Friday evening for some intention setting and seed planting for our new frequency. Remember we can only have 12 people in the studio so book early if you can and if you can't be there I'll be zooming it live.

Blessings from Eilish 

Self investment: $26

You can join online or in person at CHC

Due to Covid, we ask you to please bring your own mat, blankets, cushion.

Sign up here Eilish hosts New and Full Moon workshop at Collective Healing Centre on the closest Friday to the New and Full Moon. Details are here. I look forward to tuning in with you on the next New or Full Moon.


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