Tolerance & Humility

To gain strength for tolerance and humility, the navel center needs to be developed.

Kundalini Yoga + Meditation | Wednesday 28th, 6.30-7.30pm | with Goldy

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We will practice a kriya that works on the abdomen, stimulating the navel energy to rise to the higher centers and then integrating it with the whole aura.

Followed by a meditation for rejuvenation.

This is a potent meditation for the glandular system. It is a “medical meditation.” Its effects are strong enough to help the system fight disease. It does not replace allopathic forms of medicine, but it does open the healing and preventative capacity of your body. The meditation focuses its effects on the glandular system, the guardians of your health. If you master it, you will know why the yogis and sages always call breath the energy of life.

Soulful Kundalini | Friday 30th, 7.00-8.30pm | with Goldy

This is a wholesome approach to yoga, removing the veils to share a universal truth of an embodied experience with the divine. I will be sharing theory to put into practice via a rich set of techniques that are safe, accessible and offer predictable outcomes to harness the energy of the mind, emotions and body effectively to master your life. During this special online workshop, I will share what Kundalini is and what it is not, how to incorporate these subtle transformative techniques in your personal yoga practise, no matter the 'style' of yoga you take. We will cover the safe application of Bhanda's - internal body locks, Pranayama - Breath techniques on how to direct life force energy and a Buddhist meditation for loving kindness.

Join HERE Passcode: 4D7DeU

All welcome, no experience necessary.

Cost: $0 (donations / pay what you can is welcomed on request) proceeds go to the upkeep of Collective Healing Centre.

Please have a cushion, blanket and yoga block/ or book with you. Ensure you have a laptop or computer with good internet for the best experience.

Love Goldy