This months Central Coast Sound Healing and Meditation Night

Central Coast Sound healing is a special evening once a month in or around the full moon. It’s a night of deep healing and connection, through the transformational power of kundalini yoga, meditation, crystal bowls and gong bath. Yogis have been using sound for healing for thousands of years and believe it’s a quick powerful tool to clear out the stress, anxiety and fears that stop us from living the happiest versions of ourselves.

This month, the 5th month represents the physical body, the teacher, bridge and the centre. It’s the physical body that allows us to be in the matter and experience the spirit at the same time. To manifest on earth what we believe in our spirit we need strong nerves, clear projection from our 5th chakra (throat) and the ability to remain centred. It takes a lot to stay centred but if we have a strong nervous system we are able to utilise this tool ‘physical body’ for transformation and change. The softer the body, the more flexible and open the mind. When the mind is open we can communicate from the heart and manifest through our word a more conscious and truthful reality.

This month - FRIDAY 28th 7-9 pm, we move your body to strengthen the nervous system, then allow plenty of time for you to bathe in the vibrations of the gong. We’ll finish with a meditation to create self-love. When we live from within the heart we are able you to live knowing that love, light and peace is forever supporting us.

look forward to seeing you

blessings and light

devpreet and team



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