The Science of Sound

Friday 7th May 7-830pm

The scientific use of sound to affect consciousness is called Mantra Yoga, or Naad Yoga. Next to breathing, the use of Mantra is the most important aspect of the practice of Kundalini Yoga.

"Man" means mind. "Tra" means to tune the vibration (just as one tunes the strings of a guitar). Mantra is a sound current which tunes the mind - a word or words or combinations of syllables, which help focus the mind. Such sounds have enormous power.

Claims for mantras may seem like miracles, but mantras are actually formulas that work according to physical and metaphysical laws.

When we chant a mantra we are choosing to invoke the positive power contained in those particular sounds. Whether it's for prosperity, peace of mind, increasing intuition, or any of the other multitude of possible benefits inherent in mantras, simply by chanting them, we are setting vibrations into motion that shall have an effect. It doesn't actually matter if we understand the meaning of the sounds or not.

In addition to the vibrations set in motion, something else happens when you chant. There are eighty-four meridian points, or pressure points, in the roof of the mouth. Every time you speak you stimulate them with the tongue.

By stimulating these pressure points on the upper palate in a particular sequence, using the right 'access code,' you increase the secretion of the hypothalamus gland and actually bring about a change in the brain cells. You affect the chemistry of the brain!

This Friday well be tapping into the vibration of the Pavan Guru, the air of the Guru. When we chant or sit in the vibration of Pavan Guru we can experience the Wahe Guru, the indescribable ecstasy beyond the infinite.

See you Friday night for some much needed soul soothing sounds and vibrations through voice, crystal bowls and universal gongs.

blessings and light


Due to co-vid we ask you please bring your own mat, pillow and blanket.



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