The Power of Compassion

Updated: May 4

by devpreet

For this month's sound healing in the CENTRAL COAST we focus on the vibration of love and compassion with the mantra - Om mani padme hum - the bodhisattva of compassion and the six syllables of the innermost heart. April (4) 4th month, is connected to the frequency of the heart. In kundalini yoga we often use tantric numerology to help connect us to the energy of each number and use that energy to guide us in our practice and day to day living. The number 4 also correlates to the 4th body (our neutral mind). When our neutral mind is unbalanced we can find ourselves trapped inside a box made of mental constructs. The mind loves to categorise, judge and analyse, so of course feels at home here behind these walls. This is not our real - true - home though but merely a trick of the ego to nourish a false sense of safety and detachment. This detachment feels so familiar and safe that we live in this place separated from others and from our true nature of neutrality, with little or no awareness.

Associate Professor Mohamad Abdalla hugs the Dalai Lama, at a multi-denominational gathering in Brisbane. Photo by Kasun Ubayasiri

If I look back on my own spiritual journey which started with a kundalini yoga class almost fourteen years ago. What struck me most was that even in my first class, the practice of kundalini and meditation enabled me to go beyond the mental confines and bring me into a heart space. The heart was something I had detached many years before. Growing up in the western suburbs of Sydney, it was mostly about surviving. The heart was something you protected, not something you shared openly. Now after many years of meditation I'm starting to understand the true meaning of vulnerability and the power of compassion. When we meditate, chant, or even lie in the healing vibrations of the gong, we create space between the thoughts which allows the neutral mind to balance and the heart to open. When we meditate we're able to become the witness of our thoughts, allowing the commotions of our lives to no longer hook us in. We practice mindfulness to increase our awareness and sensitivity. It's this sensitivity which opens us to our true compassionate self, and opens the door to be consciously in service of life.

In Tibetan Buddhism the word mani means jewel, a jewel that can alleviate suffering. Buddhists believe compassion is the key and central training within their religion. Enlightened Compassion is personified by the deity, Chenrezig, who holds a jewel that grants all wishes to those who posses it. That jewel is compassion. Compassion gives the capacity to experience the resonance of other within oneself. Love and compassion creates the capacity to overcome all obstacles, awaken the mind to enlightenment and bring enormous benefit to yourself and others. Tomorrow night if you're looking to unlock your power of compassion, tap into your innermost heart or just simply wanting to treat yourself to the healing sounds of the gong, you can join me, devpreet

Friday 30h April 7-9pm Central Coast Look forward to seeing you all for a tranquil evening of love and compassion through kundalini yoga, mantra, sound and meditation blessings and light devpreet



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