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Community Sadhana in the Amrit Vela

Updated: Dec 2, 2020


What is Amrit Vela? Amrit means nectar and Vela means time or moment. So it's the perfect moment to wake up, when all else sleeps, meditate and experience the nectar of true stillness and peace.

The rainbow bird in the ambrosial hours, (Amrit Vela)

of the morning before dawn;

its prayers are heard in the court of all creation.

The essential idea of sadhana is it’s a spiritual daily practice where we can apply the activities to nurture the qualities to which we aspire. In the Amrit Vela, early hours of the morning we take time to allow that sweetness inside us to blossom and create habits and actions aligned with a greater intent. An intent to be the best version of ourselves, living with gratitude, love, compassion, kindness, and feeding our soulful selves.

Join your Kundalini community in the Amrit Vela every second Saturday

Japji (poem by Guru Nanak)

Kundalini kriya set

Beautiful, uplifting Aquarian mantras.

Chai and chats afterwards

This powerful, transformational 2.5 hours will be lead by one of our dedicated kundalini teachers.

Its ALL by donation

Email Kevin to confirm your spot -


Devpreet  0418 884 624 


199-201 King Street, Newtown Sydney

We are above the Modern Times bookshop and art store. Enter via Egan Street.

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