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Monthly Gong Bath Healings with Devpreet

Updated: Oct 20

Book Here! Something unusual happens during a Kundalini yoga class, and it’s one of my favourite parts of the practice. It’s when I play the gong. This occurs a lot in rebirthing kriyas and often during meditations, or Savasana (resting or Corpse pose). Use of the gong can be traced back hundreds of years to northern India, and it's the first and last instrument of the human mind. There's only one thing that can supersede and command the human mind, and thats the sound of the gong.

A gong bath is slightly different to a normal Kundalini class, as the focus is solely on the universal sound of the gong. There's a short kriya to move the energy, then you simply lay down in Savasana and let go. You are bathed in the creative sound of the universe and the transformative powers of the gong massage and soothe every cell in the body. Using  pure vibration, the gong transports you to a otherworldly realm, where you experience peace and calming bliss.

“The essence of your presence is a sound. The whole of creation is a sound created by a sound. You are a sound within a sound and through the resound you progress. You impress upon creation the concentration of your vibration, and you demonstrate your expression of infinite within the finite. How you weave time and space and move the angle and the diagonal gives you the sovereignty of your dignity and the power to project your intelligence, consciousness and grace. The GONG is the sound of resound, the boundless power of endless echo. Alighting, refining, and directing the flow of your spirit before time, through time and beyond time"  


The best way to really embrace what the gong has to offer is through surrender. All you have to do is relax, let go, and let the gong work its incredible magic. With the gong as your guide, you will ride the wave of the sound current to a very beautiful place.

This Friday gong sound healing focusses on this eternal dance of life through the energy of Guru Ram Das (not to confused with Ram Dass) When we surrender to the joys and challenges of life with compassion and service, we can transcend the pain and suffering bought by the imbalance of the negative and positive minds. We have 1000 thoughts per blink of an eye. So when these thoughts are negative and don't serve our higher self we suffer. There is only one thing that supersedes the mind and that is the

sound of the gong.

There will be a short Kundalini kriya to prepare you for the gong bath, then you simply lay down in Savasana and let the sound of all creation bath you in the transformative powers of the universe. Using pure vibration, the gong transports you to a otherworldly realm, where you experience peace and calming bliss. When we live from a place of peace and trust we have so much more to offer ourselves and those around us.

When we become a servant to our higher self, we begin to live as we were meant to live, live with compassion, love with our whole hearts and serve me to you.

See you soon.

Blessings, Devpreet

$26 Online

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