Sound and Reiki Journey of the Soul Special Event

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with ANNIE (Tej Sundri)

NEXT SESSION - 27 June 1:30PM

We will combine monthly event in June and July into a three consecutive sessions special program. You can come any one of three events but recommend you to come all of the three events to get the maximum outcome.

The three consecutive special session Sound and Reiki Journey of the Soul on

1: 27 June 1:30 to 2:30 PM

2: 11 July 1:30 to 2:30 PM

3: 25 July 1:30 to 2:30 PM

You will receive a Distance Reiki Healing on 26 June (the day before New Moon), 9 July (the day before New Moon) and 23 July (the day before Full Moon) .

Additional an Instructions about Affirmation / Meditation for you to do at home before each event. There are different each time.

First event on 27 June to focus on Chakra Balance. Second event on 11 July for New Moon Restart and the final event on 25 July for Full Moon Release and Let go.

These three events will clear and release negative energy hidden deep in the body as well as increase positive energy for you. This will help you to enter deep relaxation and repair your body, mind and soul.

Relaxing on your journey as you head into deep relaxation and healing. Let the energy, sound and vibration clear your blockages, shake away your worries, and help you to regenerate.

More detail and booking at

Limit space, booking are essential.

We hope you are able to join soul circle.

Healthy Happy Soul Therapy


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