Soulful Kundalini with Goldy

Updated: May 19

A centering workshop to recognise the self as the source of love, healing and peace.

Yoga as practised today is primarily Asana (posture) based, missing the key points of yoga that include self enquiry and meditation. This workshop is a wholesome approach to yoga, removing the veils to share a universal discovery of yoga through an embodied experience of connection with the divine.

The class is an offering of my personal experience through yoga, based on the lineages of Tantric Hatha, Kundalini, Himalayan yogas and Quantum mechanics. I will share:

What Kundalini is and what it is not.

• How to incorporate these subtle transformative techniques in your personal yoga practise, no matter the form or shape of your Sadhana.

• The science of Bhanda's - internal body locks

Pranayama - Breath techniques (how to direct the breath during meditation and in physical postures)

Kriya - Active yogic postures (targeted to a particular function of our body and mind)

Vipassana Meditation - to be a pure witness

Neuroplasticity (how to overcome mental blockages)

How it works?

I will guide you through a rich set of techniques that provide a safe and accessible pathway to harness the energy of the mind, emotions and body effectively to master your life.

This technology is a systematic and scientific process. It sends signals through the nervous system which stimulate a sense of heightened awareness or consciousness, changing pathways in the brain and altering the chemistry of the glandular system.

These sets of exercises will produce predictable and subtle impacts on the total Self, working on all levels of being. This class is like a system tune up, working the body and mind towards immunity, and cultivating a sense of grounding and clarity.

No previous experience is needed.

Friday 21st May, check in at 6.45pm, the event will start at 7pm.



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