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Soul Session with Goldy

Updated: Nov 16

Join Goldy at Collective Soul Sessions


This year has asked much of us. Now we return, who will you be?

First, we must clear out what we are not. Dynamic Kundalini Meditation is specific for this purpose - a mental reboot, full body stimulation and emotional release. This meditation is a fast, effective and thorough way to break through ingrained patterns that leave us feeling imprisoned in our own minds. It opens you to the freedom, energy and silence that is abiding beyond the noise. This practise is for all ages and experience, no prior understanding of yoga is needed. All that is required is for you to bring your total energy to it but still remain a witness.

The Dynamic Kundalini Meditation is in 4 stages; Stage 1: Breathing deep with fast natural body movements to build energy. Stage 2: Is to let go of everything that needs to be thrown out. Stage 3: Deep meditation, total stillness to become a witness to everything that is happening to you. Stage 4: A celebration of your aliveness with dance.

Goldy provides an accessible and approachable way for students to discover the power of these ancient practices. His mission is connecting people with nature and

their innate freedom.

Saturday 20th DECEMBER 7 - 9 pm

Please arrive 6:45pm for 7pm start.

Due to Covid we ask you please bring mat, blanket, and pillow

Self investment: $26

Concession $21

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Devpreet  0418 884 624 


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