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November and December are the months bringing us into explosive times. They carry the subtle energy of what has been and what is yet to become. November, the 11th month allows us to sit with the tension of the in between. It's a time for deeply listening, integration, reflection, and feeling grateful. The 11 is about new beginnings and taking time to prepare the soil for what lays ahead. 11 also has the impression of limitations or the impression that one is limited in relationship to the one which is infinite or unlimited. The 11 is the highest number and the word to describe it is - Esoteric. Yet we need to go into the space of the 11 to fully understand it.

What is interesting to notice is the consequences of the lockdowns are now slowly becoming more obvious. No matter how you look at it, it has been a time like no other on the planet. The invisible parameter and the impact of the Covid on the consciousness of people, is creating more to awaken. Many people have been touched deeply and have been able to go inside to sit and reflect on their real/ true purpose. For now, it is still very subtle, because it’s an individual process. But many are asking questions and many individuals are transforming. I see this in my yoga classes and private one on one sessions. Eventually this individual transformation will have a huge effect on the global population because collectively we are shifting to now face the pressure of the time. It's a subconscious collective awakening.

As part of The Wisdom of Trauma talks, (totally worth watching), climate change experts, Bayo Akomolafe, Eriel Tchekwie Deranger, Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq & Dr. Gabor Maté discussed the real issue of climate change. They brilliantly pointed out that climate change is not just about changing weather patterns, but the real crisis of climate change has been hyper individualisation, white supremacy and colonisation. When Christopher Columbus shipped Africans to America in the1490s, that was climate change. Their point was a powerful reminder, what is needed now is a paradigm shift. We need new patterns of learning together, new ways of going beyond ourselves as the individual, going beyond the scarcity mentality and coming back to the mentality of abundance.

"In order to find our way we must first become lost"

This is not a new idea but an ancient indigenous belief. To be found we first need to be lost. This is what this time of Covid has cultivated and forced us to rethink. How we live is no longer working. So, how do we divert our orientation to create a holistic migration. This is what is needed to change the magnetic field of the planet. And it is happening, slowly. People are being touched by what is the real value of life. They have been abandoning their jobs for their beliefs, trusting that something real, something new will come. Many companies are being affected by people expressing "What the hell am I doing here? I need to change my life". These are consequences of the lockdown. It may feel like it's happening in slow motion but it is happening and will become more obvious.

We need to trust the natural world, trust our relationships, be humble, be still, be quiet and listen. We need to remember we have ONE heart beat.


This month is time to come back to yourself, come back to the Earth. Simplify how you live and reflect on your choices. The impact of your choice of today will create the reality of tomorrow. To make this happen we have to close the cycle that was. Through deep contemplation, listening and reflection we are able to see the different steps that bought us to this point, and integration occurs. Without integration or acceptance of what was or is, we tend to miss the message and lessons of the past and repeat the subconscious cycle. If the earth is prepared and fertile through genuine reflection and integration the seeds we plant will sprout from a place of nature and nurture. When we follow the cycle of nature and have a hand connected to nature, we remember that everything is a gift. We appreciate and have gratitude for all human beings and their true essence. We create the Amrit, the nectar, inside of us, and we can rejoice in the challenges and simplest of moments life shows us. Just to be with yourself and your breath, to meditate on your own heartbeat, you're reminded this life is the greatest miracle, the greatest gift.

We are in the middle world in between things where one is dying, and the other one is not yet born. The step we take next is blinded, but if we can step from a place of gratitude, consciousness and love, then we don't need to know the path ahead because the path ahead is already known.

So, let's celebrate this rebirth and this awakening of the spirit who creates life,

maintains life and gives us life.