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New MOON in Libra

Could something you have decided as a done deal, long forgotten and filed under OVER present itself in a new light and you perceive it in a more holistic, multidimensional way. This is the gift of the dwarf planet Eris. Are you open to being surprised?

So many planets are still in retrograde Mars, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Mercury. It's not a time for forging ahead. It's a time for flow, for deep contemplation, diligent cleansing, laying foundations, and opening to the divine beauty you are as you deepen the love you are. You are being called to anchor more deeply into this love and deeper again as we enter the final quarter of this most unusual year. Some fear the virus. Others fear dark forces. Some fear both and some neither.

This New Moon is asking you about your relationship to love and can you hold the vibration for unconditional love to find courage in your relationships, to express your truth as you hold the increasing tension for the Saturn (master teacher) Jupiter (expansion) in December. And libra reminds us we are all in this together. Every thought, word, gesture, kindness counts as do their polarities. Choose love. Be love. Do everything with love. Evolve into your greatest love. 

Well I expect the theme for the workshop will be love. See you on the mat on Friday and sincere apologies once more for the full moon workshop that never happened. What a lesson that was . . .

blessings Eilish



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