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The 3 A’s

Awaken, Affirmation & Action

Movement/Yoga, Chanting/Positive affirmation & Gong Meditation

With Sita Simran & Guru Devi

The new moon is a fertile ground for new beginnings, a time to sow seeds of intention. When we chant we connect to the primal sound current (naad) and open ourselves to the universal flow. Chanting is joyous, heart opening experience and connects us to ourselves and to each other!

The New Moon is a time for tuning into our intentions and making them a reality. It is a time to charge your dreams with your own inner power!

During the New Moon, our glands are at a low ebb, as is our energy. We will move our body actively using kundalini yoga and/or Mitakara Japanese shamanism dance, most pleasant in action!

We ask everyone to bring a journal to the NEW MOON events. This way we can create a ritual of setting our intentions at each moon cycle.

This months journal exercises for New Moon - What do you wish for? How do we let go and embrace change?

Absolutely everyone is welcome.

During the new moon events we will process our thoughts alone, and also within the group for support. Sometimes it can be hard to process these thoughts by ourselves but together we will create a safe and trusted atmosphere for every person involved to feel safe and supported.


12th March 7-830pm

9th April 7-830 pm

Self investment: $26

Due to Covid, we ask you to please bring your own mat, blankets, cushion 

Look forward to seeing you all then


Guru Devi and Sita Simran

Sita Simran (KY teacher, Master Gong Practitioner) and Guru Devi (KY teacher/trainer, SNR practitioner, Biomagnetism therapist and Mitakara Japanese shamanism practitioner)



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