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Meditation to Correct the Sensory System.

We have many libraries and books and stories. There is so much to learn, but if we do not know how to be content, we are not ourselves. Our life is full of earthquakes, sometimes because of anger, sometimes because of greed or attachment, sometimes because of pride. “Oh, if I had that...!” “I wanted to, but I couldn’t!” From this “couldn’t” comes life and we are not content. We live by the Will of God, we are surviving by the flow of energy and we are penetrating in our life by our own psyche. Still we are very discontented.

What we need is to find a way to know who we are, to really feel what we feel, to understand our true nature to live in the here and now. But we worry about what tomorrow will be. Everybody wants to know what tomorrow will be! Tomorrow is what you are today, and today, if you can flow with the magnetic field, the sun flares can connect and change your whole destiny to prosperity, richness and health.

This meditation will help correct the flow, so you can flow with the universal flow. Once you are in the flow you will hear the unheard. It doesn't take much to enrich yourself with the strength of divinity. Once you have strength of divinity you will not bargain your grace away, and you can win. Nothing is permanent, except — you and your divinity; you and your infinite truth within.

MEDITATION - Correcting the Sensory System Sit straight in a cross-legged position.

Hold the right hand up in front the right shoulder with the elbow relaxed down. Point the index finger up, the source of your wisdom, and hold down the other fingers with the thumb. Extend the left forearm forward, parallel to the ground, with the elbow relaxed down.

Make a tight fist of your left hand with the thumb outside.

Eyes are closed. Do Long and Deep Breathing as you mentally chant the “Wah-hay Guroo Jio” Keep the index finger, the fist and the navel point tight. Connect your inner ear with the navel point and move it in rhythm with the mantra. Digest the sound!

Continue for 11 minutes.

To end, inhale deeply, hold, and strongly tighten the index finger, fist and navel point. Exhale. Repeat 2 more times. Relax.

Sat nam and blessings



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