Lion's Gate Portal on 8th August

The 8:8 Lion’s Gate is a yearly cosmic gateway when the Sun returns to its home in Leo and the star Sirius rises in the sky into alignment with the Earth. This auspicious celestial window and numerological portal activates the star intelligence and opens up a channel of amplified ascension energy.

During this window, the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius, separates significantly from the Sun to come into a clear, bright, powerful beam of her own onto the Earth. This cosmic glow provides an open runway for magnified manifesting energy.

Falling on the 8th of August each year (8:8), the star alignment is accelerated through the transformational numerological combination. Eights bring power, positive momentous shifts, and a bridge between the etheric and earthy realms giving you a super boost to attain all that you are calling in. True prosperity, undeniable fulfillment, and tangible and timeless wealth find momentum in the 8 portal.

All of this, under the Sun in Leo, brings opportunities to reveal an internal portal space opening our hearts to a greater capacity for love, bravery, courage, and boldness. The prosperity portal awaits. Love is the key.

Practicing on this day sets prosperity intentions and prayers for your greatest fulfillment on the fast track to fruition. Lean in with love and let your passions be the guide as you lay the foundation for the next level of your prosperous evolution.

Let’s benefit from all the extra energy and light that is present in our atmosphere as the Sun and Sirius align and offer us an opportunity to expand and activate our inner light.

Join me for a Kundalini Yoga class during this window on Tuesday, 6:45pm 9th August at CHC.


Sat Ajeet