Soul Sessions presents 'ESSENCE'

Updated: May 18

With Shalom Drimer

In this fascinating talk, Dr Shalom will mix science, philosophy and a bit of weirdness in the goal to challenge you, stretch your beliefs and hopefully entertain you into a new level of awareness.


Enlightened masters and current scientific evidence are all pointing to one factor as an obstacle to evolution and progress on every facet in our life. From spiritual exploration, relationships, self knowledge to understanding of politics we are holding to unconscious beliefs and assumptions. It is our very tight and stubborn attachment to these beliefs and paradigms which stops serving us and is preventing us from living in a world where all things are possible and Oneness is the true reality. We will take known concepts like:

  • Breath work

  • Mindfulness

  • Spirituality

  • The nervous system & stress response

And show you a way to view them through new lenses so that you can live your best life today.

B.Chiro Sc; M. Chiro

Shalom is known for his curiosity, unconventional thinking, and sense of humour, and has a great interest in the synergetic connections between spirituality, neuroscience, psychology, and human behaviour. In talks and events he takes part in, Shalom provides techniques for the nervous system and reducing stress responses, breath work, mindfulness and spirituality. His aim is to bring these techniques and spirituality into everyday life to help people flourish and become the best versions of themselves.

Join Shalom Drimer Sunday 23rd 4-6pm for an inspiring insight into the evolution of his work, and his recent discoveries on the ever-present relationship between neuroscience and spirituality. Shalom will break down the concept of one’s ‘self’ identity and explain how quantum physics is breaking through our personal belief systems.

He will offer practical applications of his theory which can be used in everyday life and teach you how to create physical healing by thinking beyond self-doubt and harnessing his of idea of the ‘New Human’.

Self investment $26

Concession $21

DATE 23rd May - 4-6pm

Due to covid we ask if you please BYO mat, blanket, and cushion.


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