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This workshop will challenge your perspective on reality, question what is true, and provide simple ways to tweak your life and flourish in uncertain times. What if everything you believed about yourself and the world around you has nothing to do with the truth and who you really are? See beyond the YOU (that you have worried about, tried to improve, to protect and defend) to find the ultimate freedom.

Would you like to experience an amazing clarity, peace and sense of freedom amidst challenging circumstances like now?

During this workshop we want to help you turn a spotlight onto your blind spots! Why, do you ask?

LIFE IS FOR LIVING - you may be inadvertently placing your life on hold, chasing happiness on the other side of the rainbow: "I'll be happy when" "Once I have achieved "X" I can relax" etc etc Simple effective steps can be implemented into your daily life NOW to make outstanding long term changes to your life. We will take known concepts like:

  • Breath work

  • Mindfulness

  • Spirituality

  • The nervous system & stress response

And show you a way to view them through new lenses so that you can live your best life today.

B.Chiro Sc; M. Chiro

Shalom is known for his curiosity, unconventional thinking, and sense of humour, and has a great interest in the synergetic connections between spirituality, neuroscience, psychology, and human behaviour. In talks and events he takes part in, Shalom provides techniques for the nervous system and reducing stress responses, breath work, mindfulness and spirituality. His aim is to bring these techniques and spirituality into everyday life to help people flourish and become the best versions of themselves.

Join Shalom Drimer on Friday for an inspiring insight into the evolution of his work, and his recent discoveries on the ever-present relationship between neuroscience and spirituality. Shalom will break down the concept of one’s ‘self’ identity and explain how quantum physics is breaking through our personal belief systems.

He will offer practical applications of his theory which can be used in everyday life and teach you how to create physical healing by thinking beyond self-doubt and harnessing his of idea of the ‘New Human’.

Bringing science and spirituality together, Shalom aims to introduce a new way of thinking that will help people flourish and become the best versions of themselves. The session will begin with a meditation followed by a fun and exciting exploration of this new paradigm.

Self investment $26

Concession $21

DATE TBC - 7-830pm

Due to covid we ask if you please BYO mat, blanket, and cushion.


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