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Kundalini Yoga Festival Australia - tickets on sale now


24th - 27th October 2024


In the Kundalini tradition we believe to live in true harmony, you must recognise that the trees, the rain, the sky, the oceans, the mountains, the land, all living and vibrating things are you. We may have separate bodies, experiences, and perceptions but we all emanate from the same source.


As we enter the Age of Aquarius we need to recognise and embody this fundamental truth, that the other is me, that we are one and the same. In an age of increasing polarisation, there is no more important time to remember that the Creator and Creation are One. When we remember and recognise this, we attune to the depth within our own consciousness, hear the depth in the other and place both responsivities before the Infinite. When we recognise the significance of our interconnection, a meditative space of stillness opens, called Shuniya. Shuniya allows us to tap into the well of forgiveness, access unconditional love, then heal all we come into contact with. When we recognise the other is me, we create the possibility for a revolutionary change of consciousness, to live a life of harmony and peace as one.


We invite you to come play, meditate and bath in the beautiful energy of the sacred woman's country of the Hinter land, now with an extra evening of offerings.

love, light and laughter.  

CHC team / proud sponsor of KYFA

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