Kundalini Activation ~ InnerDance IMMERSION Weekend ~ Sydney

Updated: Jun 12

Kundalini Activation IMMERSION Weekend

With Kundalini Activation Facilitator ~ Rebecca Romans

& InnerDance Facilitator ~ Richard Norton and other Guest Facilitators!

An extended Kundalini Activation Experience!

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What is a Kundalini Activation – Immersion Weekend?

An Immersion Weekend provides an opportunity to delve more fully into one’s experience of the kundalini / life force energy through participating in multiple back-to-back sessions of this unique practice, within the deepening resonance and collective energy of a supportive small group of other journeyers.

Short group kundalini activation sessions can result in remarkable shifts and yield enormous benefits for participants (especially if done regularly), but this longer Immersion Weekend format allows more space to fully integrate the energy and connection with self and the divine.

An Immersion Weekend allows for your experience of surrender to evolve as elements of the facilitation process and the 6 playlists are varied, and over the weekend intermixed with integrative practices and grounding at the end of the day to support you in this journey.

Who is this immersion weekend for?

The Immersion Weekend is for people who have already experienced Kundalini Activations before and have had at least one Kundalini Activation Session with me and are ready to dive deeper into embodiment of this energy.

Prior attendance at sessions ensures that all participants are comfortable with the activation process and have an initial sensitivity so they can go deeper into the experience of this life force energy.

If you are interested in the Immersion Weekend but have not previously attended a Kundalini Activation Session please contact me, and I will assist in locating a session you can attend live or online.

The Program

The weekend program is organised around six (6) separate Kundalini Activation Sessions, with playlists intended to take you through the different energy centres and aspects of your inner being.

You will need to be in attendance for the full weekend and all the sessions each day from 10:30am - 6pm

Between Kundalini Activation sessions we will do short practices to support relaxation, centering, connection, and grounding.

Cost of the Immersion Weekend

The full cost for the Immersion Weekend is $555 and is payable by Thursday June 23rd.

Places are limited. A deposit of $222 will secure your place.

An Early-Bird price of $444 is available if paid in full by Friday, 3rd of June 2022.

We look forward to further supporting you in this Journey with the Energy.

We would be delighted if you choose to join us with the purpose of opening to the deepest parts of ourselves.


Rebecca Romans ~

Kundalini Activation Facilitator

Richard Norton ~

InnerDance Facilitator

VENUE ~The Collective Healing Centre 199-201 King Street, Newtown Sydney

Above the Modern Times bookshop and art store. Enter via Egan Street.


A Light lunch will be provided (Raw/ Vegan / Gluten free)

If you are interested, or have any questions, please feel free to contact me for further details.

Note: If you are pregnant, please contact me before you buy a ticket.

Also, If you have a condition that could make you prone to episodes of psychosis an Immersion Weekend may not be appropriate for you.


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