Kundalini Activation Process | KAP ONLINE

Along my journey of self discovery, I encountered the Kundalini Activation Process. I believe this process can help ignite our own divine intelligence, expands our awareness, help us shed layers of conditioning and emotions to get to the very core of our being. Working with Kundalini, also called Chi, Ki, Shakti or Life Force Energy, for me has been one of the most transformational process I have ever encountered.

I have taken my Monday KAP Sessions ONLINE via Zoom, for now.

Activation at a distance! 💥On Mondays! ONLINE Doors open at 6:45 pm for a 7pm start

Discover you are more than you think!

Kundalini is the life-force energy that resides in us and connects us with the universe. KAP is a process that activates this energy, increasing our experience and awareness of it. During a KAP session you may experience this energy moving through various aspects of your being - physical body, emotions, mind, spirit, consciousness - bringing emotional or physical release, clarity or insight, discovery, aliveness, openness and connection, or deep relaxation and inner stillness.

The very act of surrendering to this life-force, of trust and simply letting go, and allowing it to flow through us, to hold, guide and dance with us can be profound. Every activation and each person's journey with kundalini is unique.

KAP at a distance is as effective as KAP in-person. The energy is not limited by time or space. It is quite possible to have the same experiences online that you would have in an in person live session. Some people actually prefer Online sessions as they find it easier to relax and surrender in the familiarity and privacy of their own home.

What happens during the Online KAP session?

• After introductions, you simply lie down on a yoga mat and close your eyes. Some music is played, and I work remotely with your energy field. You will be lying down for approximately 1 hour. Following the music part of the session, participants can choose to share their experiences. Then we close our sharing circle.

Possible responses:

• Spontaneous movements or shaking in the body. Deep insights or realizations. Visions and heightened senses. Expressions of emotions and release of blockages. Or shifts in your awareness and being in the coming days after a session. These are just some of the things that KAP participants can and do experience.

Online Cost: Regular Price $35 Concession $25 First-time participants $20

Assisted Price tickets are also available to those who may be facing financial challenges and are unable to pay either the full General or Concession price. Please enter a payment amount that reflects both the value of this class and what you can afford at this time.

No one is turned away.

Everyone who attends is invited to make a Pay it Forward donation to support others to experience this collective growth and healing work.

A portion of all Tickets or Donations for Mondays ~ KAP Online also go to the upkeep of the Collective Healing Centre.

After lock-down finishes, my live KAP sessions will return to the Collective Healing Centre on Mondays.

Wishing you all well, in these unusual times! 💕🌺

I look forward to meeting you!