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Kriya to Throw Off Stress

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Sat Nam All,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

These are the times when we are likely to react, become commotional, flip out, freak out, and fall victim to our own skittering mind, desperate for a solution. In that pattern, and within that reality, we solve nothing. We only create more drama. However, as human, we have the infinite capacity to turn emotion into devotion, return to our basic core, engage the calming influence of the breath, and act from intuition rather than impulse.

Kundalini kriyas and meditations are a powerful toolkit to draw from to help you return to your center, go inside, and dwell in the subtle pool of self mastery. Some of the techniques build your long-term capacity to deal with stress and develop the fortitude to hold up under difficulty. Others can be used in the heat of the moment to deal with immediate challenges, alter your energy, and enable you to cope.

On Tuesday 6:45pm 20th Oct class, we will work on the “Kriya to Throw off Stress”.

With The Kriya to Throw Off Stress, you will develop your internal strength by fortifying your glandular system, intelligence and consciousness. This will provide the internal solidity to be effective.


Sat Ajeet


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