This Friday 25th June, we will be tapping into our intuition through the 6th body our Arc line. In Kundalini Yoga the arc line is connected to our projection and is the guidance for the aura. If the Aura is the vehicle of light in which we drive, then the arc line is the steering wheel. Essentially it communicates between your body and mind to create a state of union. It guides you by creating a field of protection that when rattled should (if you are clear and listening) alert you.

As much as it gives internal guidance, it also projects external information. If your thoughts and feelings create your reality by offering a vibration to the Universe, then your arc line is the transmitter that sends out the signal. It kinda behaves like a radio antenna. How strong or weak your arc line is directly corresponds to the strength and integrity of the signal.

Both intuitive information that you are receiving (protection) and the power of the information you are sending out (projection) are influenced by the arc line.

With all the pressure that went on in May, which was highlighted by the super moon eclipse, this month is time to create a little space and nurturing. All that new information that was released will need some time for integration of the subtle body and a rewiring of the mind.

Astrologically we are entering an intense time of deep inner restructuring which will last until October when Saturn will come direct again. There will also be the solar eclipse will on the 10th of June. A good time to start a sadhana, or intensify the morning practice you already have. This will enable you to build the tools and support you will need to release the garbage of the subconscious mind.

June really is a time of nourishing self. Connecting back to nature, taking long bush walks, sound baths, yoga and meditation will only help ground you and rebuild your sensitivity. What we need now is space and time to connect with one another, strengthen our intuition, and prepare ourselves for the restructuring and upgrade that is already happening.

See you this Friday at Davistown Progress Hall, Central Coast. We will work on our intuition through kundalini kriya, then a deep relax with sound shower and the universal gong. Closing with a meditation to build balance between arc line and the heart.

blessings and light


Due to covid we ask you please bring your own mat, pillow and blanket.



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