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Full Moon in Aries, October 2nd, Online only

This months Full Moon Workshop will only be delivered Online.

By now you know Aries + firestarter so you know this Full Moon will be a potent opportunity for burning through something. What could that be for you? Could everything that has happened in 2020 be coming to a crescendo. With two Full Moons in the same month we're doubling down on releasing and clearing.

This Aries Full Moon is on October 1st/2nd and we will have a Blue Moon in the sign of Taurus before month end.

We've just had the New Moon in Libra - an air sign. Aries is a fire sign. Fire needs oxygen to fuel its fire and it has plenty of it this full moon with Mars and Pluto in retrograde. Our personal and collective shadows are surfacing to be birthed into a new light for ourselves, and for past and future generations too. It's time to own them and them just drop them and drop the stories that come with them. The more energy we give them through the telling and retelling the more we keep them alive.

This is where drama is born. Drama demands immediate and urgent attention. It distracts from daily tasks and keeps you from creation. It's best to stay out of any drama that emerges. It's keeping you from the real issue and the deeper truth hiding at the core. With some awareness, you can bypass the drama and cut straight through to the root. Put your energy there powered by the asteroid Chiron, (conjunct this Full Moon). Chiron is well known as the wounded healer but it also offer the rainbow bridge to awareness and awakening.

Remember enantiodromia - anything fully felt can become its opposite. Once you own your shadows and their fears they lose their power over you. You transform and raise your vibration with these powerful portals of strength, wisdom and compassion. At this moment in time it has never been more important to keep your vibration light and high, while we are being physically distanced we need to come together spiritually. As Spirit shares, our planet has succeeded in breaking a karmic cycle. It's now time to really ground that belief to ride the wave aligned and focused on our future dreams dropping old history and habits. It's time to stop othering in any form. We are infinite being with infinite potential. Let's compound this together as we enter into eclipse season. You chose to incarnate in this to herald and the next wave of consciousness. Feel the joy in your mind, body and soul as you enjoy the ride.

Even if you feel the intense emotional restlessness and frustration of limitations under this Full Moon, lean into them and let what needs to rise to the surface to release and purge. Acknowledge the divide and conquer that is consistently peddled by the media and circumstances beyond your control but don't get sucked into the drama. Channel and focus the Aries firestarter warrior energy to bring you through. Use it creatively. Let's elevate our earthly home to the next level.

Become the light leader you, rooted to the Earth, and aligned with your highest and truest self.

The Full Moon falls on our workshop day. As it is the long weekend we'll only be online. See you on the mat this Friday.

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Blessings from Eilish

Self investment: $16, ONLINE ONLY - Tonight - Friday 2nd October


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