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Full BLUE Moon in Taurus

Updated: Nov 12

Join Eilish for a Halloween, Blue, Full Moon in Taurus, Scorpio Sun, and Samhain/Beltane Experience

Friday 30th October 7- 845pm

In many cultures, this time of year is also believed to be when the veil between dimensions is at its thinnest.

This Full Moon brings to fruition the Moon cycle that began the Taurus New Moon on the 23rd-24th of April this year. Just like that Taurus New Moon, this Full Moon is in alignment with Uranus, calling us forward to embrace new ideas that will serve the greater collective.

Reflecting on the New Moon in April Uranus + Medusa were calling us to embrace the new, seeing the world from a perspective that challenges long held and fiercely defended conditioning of it is what it is. What if it's not? Medusa advocates self-love, devotion and protection through the creation of new boundaries because without boundaries it's hard to know what is theirs (family, community, co-workers, partners, society) and what is yours.

Conditioning, programming, patterns and habits while often well-intentioned can be inherited without our ever consciously choosing them.

Taurus is interesting. It encourages us to realise our value, and in turn value ourselves. It uses the material world as a reflection of this. What environment are you in? What are you wearing? Are you attached or can you see your identity beyond these?

A little deeper with Taurus and we realise the physical world is a beautiful illusion - a result of ignorance, it is Maya. The Full Moon isn't asking us to transcend this world or diss it but be fully in it and also beyond it - our infinite or greater self. Can you play with it, dance with it but know that oneness is present just like separation is - the wave and ocean.

Taurus is the gatekeeper between dimensions. See the polarity. Don't choose sides. The spirit world is as real as the physical and also as illusory.

The Sun in Scorpio is a deep dive to face our shadow - where ignorance currently reigns. Anything that presses your buttons is a path to your shadow. Taurus + Scorpio oppose each other but agree on-shedding light on ignorance. Scorpio, by having you look right within; Taurus by seeing it manifest in the external world. Taurus Full Moon wants us to try on a new perspective, in those parts of ourselves where we still feel separate in your day to day life. And let's not forget the aforementioned Uranus calling us to step forward into a new understanding of the world and of ourselves.

What will this Moon show you?

Always love x Eilish

Please arrive 645pm for 7pm start.

Due to Covid we ask you please bring mat, blanket, and pillow

Self investment: $26

Concession $21


Devpreet  0418 884 624 


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