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Celebrates with the mantra


The second SOUND - GONG healing of 2021 will celebrate the spirit of


i bow to me

i bow to you

i bow to thee within my self

When we surrender to the flow of life we open ourselves to the infinite possibilities that already exist within us. This mantra asks you to believe in your own internal wisdom; to trust and listen to your inner guidance. It states that you are your own best teacher and you must trust yourself and your own wisdom.

When we chant or listen to this mantra we begin to remember everything is one and can bow to all that is, the known and unknown.

Our spirits are meant to soar high and free. When we control or confine our spirit we limit ourself and start living out of alignment with our destiny. 2020 was a challenging time for most, the years energy tried to put us back in the box, tried to close us down, confronting our fears and doubts.

As we move into 2021 it is a time to give thanks to the challenges, as its often through the dark we fine the light. It's time to take what we have learnt in 2020, let go of what holds us back, that keeps us stuck, and reflect on who we truly are and what and how we want to contribute to the world. The energy of 2021 gives us a real opportunity to go beyond the box, open our hearts and SOAR.


Healing through sound has been used for thousands of years. Yogis believe sound is the origin of our very existence, that we all vibrated into being. Kundalini Yoga uses sound and GONG as a deep healing and transformational tool.

The gong impacts the body and its meridians. It can relieve stress, reduce anxiety, bring a deeper awareness of self and prepare the mind to meditate. Bathing in the vibration of the gong provides the entry point to self-recovery, they change the feelings that are blocked within the body by cutting the thoughts that sustain and recreate the feelings.

Meditating on the mantra ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO combined with the gong will allow us to connect to the golden chain, the great teacher (guru) within and help us bow to the truth, I know the unknown is known to me.

5th MARCH 7-830pm

Self investment $26

Due to covid we ask you BYO mat, blanket and cushion

Look forward to seeing you for our first gong healing of 2021





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