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Endings and Beginnings

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

"I will find a new meaning in every joy and sorrow. In that silence, I will hear the voice of spirit, and freed from this world, I will see another world. Where the end is another beginning"

- Rumi

Depending on our childhood, our family history, where we grew up, who we grew up with, and our souls karma, the lens from which we see the world is tainted and coloured. You and I could be looking at the very same image and make up very different stories based on our beliefs shaped by how we stand in the world. Take the picture above. If I live in the East coast (which I do) then it's a sunrise, a beautiful new day dawning. But if I'm travelling in the Northern Territory - Darwin (which I recently was) then this is a sunset, the last of a tropical winters day coming to a glorious end. Same sun, same country and yet a totally different perspective and experience.

As we move in to September, the 9th month of the year, we begin to feel into the energy of the number 9. The energy of the 9 in kundalini is connected to the subtle body, the strongest body of all ten light bodies. The subtle body speaks to the issues of completion, refinement, self-mastery, and an intuitive awareness of our deepest emotional needs. We all long for the fulfilment of these needs, and yet how do we do navigate them in a world that seems increasingly chaotic, overloaded with information and unsafe.

It's our Subtle Body combined with the self-sensory system, which will give us the guidance and support necessary at this time. The subtle body is above time and space so can see the totality of a situation. It's also the last number before we return to begin again, connecting it to the polarities of endings and beginnings.

So, it seems then in the 9th month in our 9th year to announce that our beloved Collective Healing Centre in Newtown is coming to an end. From the beginning we set out to create a safe haven to share the teachings of kundalini yoga as (KYC). As we grew in energy and spirit we opened another room and doors to all modalities and all walks of life, to come share their stories, teachings and beliefs. Recently we acquired a third room for more intimate one on one sessions. We survived as the first kundalini NFP for years, always just making rent each month. We also survived the many years of water damage from the leaking roof, the mould, a mysterious gas leak on Yogi Bhajan's birthday which left the local fire department curious as to what goes on here as there was a huge increase of oxygen. Then there was a small fire, the old failing floors which sent dust and dirt down into the art shop below, allegations of a spiritual leader, the close of NFP KYC, covid and then covid. It's been one hell of a ride but it's now time to say farewell to this space in Newtown.

September 2022, which if you add together 9+2022 = 15 = (6 /the arc line). The 6th body connected to our immune system, our protection and projection. It acts like a radio antennae picking up information and tuning us in. If our immune system is strong we are able to discern what is needed, what direction to take. Can a leap of faith be taken and help chart a healthy balance between what no longer serves us and what still does. If 9 represents completion and refinement, and the 6 is about receiving and perceiving, then it's important to note that our higher instincts will be checking in with us this month and asking the question...

“Is this really working for me anymore?”

So, take some time out and reflect on any area of your life where there is stress or conflict and ask yourself the question, “Can I upgrade the situation, or do I need to make a total change and let it go?” Don't rush it though, as you need to keep your wits about you as you navigate some tricky terrain this month. Don't fall into the negative side of 9 of an intense knee jerk reaction that wont get you where you need to be. Give yourself time and space for this process, use the positive aspect of 9 which is patience. Allow the subtle body to help you sift through the layers of the situation to find the root cause of the distress and then act, not react.

If you're really struggling then allow the other positive aspects of 9 in. 9 has a deep appreciation for the finer things in life, arts, music, film, and anything that has an aesthetic quality or value. Use this time to invest yourself, take a breath and bring in more beauty and joy into your life.

As I come to a close of my last newsletter I'm aware of all of the moments shared with many of you throughout the years. Like the days between the sunrise and sunsets, these are the moments I will remember as CHC as we know it comes to an end. I trust as Rumi says so beautifully, "where the end is another beginning". I believe he is saying that the ending is simply an opportunity for a beginning, depending on the lens from which we choose to see it.

For me, I choose to reflect through a lens of gratitude, the exciting beginning, the many challenging and creative years in between and the grief that comes with it's ending. There are so many of you to thank. Thanks to all those who offered inspiring workshops, time, energy and hearts. To all amazing teachers from here and overseas who graced our stage, and touched many hearts. I'm grateful for the challenges as they taught me so much. To the generous volunteers over the years who gave up their time because they believed in what we were creating. All the students, who rose early for morning sadhana, then stayed late for evening rebirthings and everything in between. There were so many of you, thank you. A special thanks goes out to three yogis who went far and beyond, working behind the scenes, giving so much of themselves over the years, without them we would never have survived or thrived. A big big thank you to Nam Hari, Karampal and Charan Atma, thank you, you made this all possible.

Join us to celebrate the closing of Newtown CHC

Meditation circle, chat and chai

Sunday 2nd October / 2-5pm

(email / RSVP )

Our last day 9th October 2022

Until then let's continue to come together to enjoy this global shift in consciousness and keep opening ourselves to the magic that is happening and felt through the subtle body.



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