Ragneesh Dhyan Yoga – Dynamic Meditation - 13th August

Updated: Aug 31

In the wild when a gazelle is chased down by a lion it’s nervous system goes through an extreme stress state where is becomes immobilized with fear and the body shuts down. The Gazelle is still alive, the blood pressure drops and it’s muscles become limp so that it will not have to suffer being torn apart. Often the lion will lose interest as it thinks the kill is already dead and drops the gazelle to move on. The gazelle remains in a freeze state until it literally begins to shake it off, regaining full control of its body in a spontaneous shaking motion. Once the energy has returned to the gazelles body it gets up and carry’s on.

The shaking off is key to how the gazelle returns to a relaxed state, regaining control of its muscles. Much like the gazelle, when a person tenses up as a response to a traumatic situation it is not the event itself but the manifestation of unreleased energy that is residual of the experience and over time it wears down the muscles, organs and nervous system. This unreleased energy for example can manifest as anxiety, nervousness, substance abuse, addiction, disease, migraines, depressive behaviour, low sex drive, irregular blood pressure or weakened immunity.

Dynamic Meditation has been designed as a vehicle for us to move through this exact instinctual stress state response to return to a full body awareness and relaxation, allowing the mind to enter into total stillness. Being totally absorbed in this peaceful rest, the mind and body recharges to be filled with aliveness and clarity. This technique moves through 5 stages, each building on the last, to prepare the body, mind and spirit to move through the unreleased energy and let it go. In this experience comes a total stillness, clarity of mind and full awareness of the body. This is a state called vipassana, to see clearly. It works through the breath and movement with sound, to generate energy in the body and for it to be released.


1: Breathing deep with fast, natural body movements to build energy. 2: Let go of everything that needs to be thrown out. 3: Wear the body out and connect to our navel power centre. 4: Deep meditation, total stillness, be a pure witness. 5: Celebration of your aliveness with dance.

What to Expect:

The first step of Dynamic Meditation is fast bodily movements with a powerful breath. This will build up the energy in your body before the big release in the second step. This breath technique you are taking more oxygen into your body. The result is an increase in energy, which brings you into an alert state of being. The second step is to let go of all the energy from stage one. Completely letting loose, in a way that the body finds natural. This often can be by either shouting, jumping, throwing/jumping the body around and moving in anyway you wish. This step is to release all the chaos, negative thoughts, suppressed emotion, and heaviness stored within. Having this release allows you to feel light and renewed. The third step is a rhythmic jumping movement whilst chanting that mantra ‘hoo’ each time you land. This step is for the physical body, creating space for new energy to enter your system before landing into stillness. Osho said that by exercising the body in this way collects energy and will contribute to a restored and fresh sense of self. In the fourth step, we simply stop exactly where we are. Without moving from this position, it allows the flow of energy from the previous steps to move through your being. Now the ego has silenced, and you can simply observe, going into a state of Vipassana to become a pure witness. Here we allow the benefits of the meditation to sink in. In the final step, we celebrate with dance, honoring and feeling into efforts. Feeling fully renewed and in the flow of life’s energy through you. Now fully awake to appreciate the beauty of life with renewed vibrancy. Dynamic Meditation Benefits The steps of the Dynamic mediation practice transform our mental chaos into a deep gratitude of life. Many meditations can have this benefit, but this method works thoroughly with your body to help you access the benefits more fully. Benefits of this meditation style include:

  • · Letting go of old patterns

  • · Release negative thoughts and emotions

  • · A renewed sense of aliveness

  • · Releasing stagnant energy and toxins from the body

  • · Feeling light, weightless, and free

  • · Greater energy

  • · Transforming the ego

  • · Receptivity and gratitude

  • · Inner peace and relaxation

  • · Increased longevity

  • · Heightened senses

How often Dynamic Meditation should be practiced? Dynamic meditation is meant to be practiced when needed. You may feel that you need to practice every day for a particular length of time, or you may feel that this is an occasional event. One way to know is by tuning in to your creativity levels, as it is a direct correlation to the results of the technique. For example, if you feel the need to practice this technique regularly, it can help shift creative blocks and mental fatigue. Ultimately, listen to your body and do what feels right! Once the chaos is thrown out, a silence starts happening to you. – Osho

Early 1970’s in the meditation centers of the Himalayan Mountains the Dynamic Meditation technique was developed under the description of Rajneesh Dhyan Yoga by Osho, a 20th century spiritual teacher from India. It was created for the people of today in our ever-evolving society, as a way for the modern mind to find the true stillness that meditation offers. He said that people today have a harder time sitting still, as stillness often makes us aware of our inner chaos.

Osho believed that cathartic methods were necessary since it was difficult for modern people to just sit and enter meditation. With the combination of breathwork, mantra and psychotherapeutic catharsis movements, you begin to become aware of a silent point within you.

blessings and light



13th August 7-830pm

Self investment: $26

Due to Covid, we ask you to please bring your own mat, blankets, cushion 



Goldy’s professional teaching career has spanned over 6 years, with training in Kundalini, Hatha, Himalayan and Tibetan Yoga’s. He is a facilitator and host of yoga retreats and events sharing the technologies of kriya, mantra, pranayama, asana and meditation. His yoga journey began in his early twenties discovering Kundalini Yoga during his travels around Europe. The teachings of yoga for Goldy have been a container of healing to transform harmful behaviours into the peaceful resilience of being.

“ My first experience of the Dynamic Meditation was on the bare earth in regional NSW in 2018. I gave it a red hot go, stomping my feet, beating my chest and roaring to the sky. Next came the stillness and silence, where I immediately fell into a deep resting peace. The process was so simple yet instantly transformational, I was able to finally drop everything. All the suppressed sexual energy, broken bits and false beliefs released, I found myself re-sensitised with my body and its functions in a refreshingly new intimate way. The days after the meditation I noticed myself feeling lighter, alert and newly energised with an experience of relaxation, awareness and inner silence.”