Dynamic Meditation for Dynamic Lives

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Life is moving in challenging ways and surprising us in each moment, which can be confronting, confusing and overwhelming.

Join Goldy as he guides us through simple and practical techniques to digest this year with confidence and contentment. Preparing the grounds of 2021 with clarity and inner peace.

Watching the mind is not an easy job. You can almost go crazy watching it. It is like a film which never ends. Day in and day out new images and stories. Because of this, a device like Dynamic Meditation has been designed as a vehicle for us to enter silent meditation.

This meditation moves through stages, each building on the last, to prepare the body, mind and spirit to experience vipassana and be a pure witness. It works through the breath, through movement and sound, to release us from the noise of the mind into silence and the stillness of true consciousness. 

Dynamic Meditation is in 5 stages; Stage 1: breathing deep with fast, natural body movements to build energy; Stage 2: is to let go of everything that needs to be thrown out; Stage 3: is to shake loose anything stuck in the deepest corners; Stage 4: deep meditation, total stillness, to become a witness to everything that is happening in you; Stage 5: a celebration of your aliveness with dance.

My first experience of the Dynamic Meditation was under a tent on the bare earth in regional NSW in 2018. It was at a festival deep in the outback with a group of semi-clothed individuals. I gave it a red hot go, stomping my feet, beating my chest and roaring to the sky. Next came the stillness and silence, where I immediately fell into a deep resting peace. The process was so simple yet instantly transformational, I was able to finally drop everything. All the suppressed sexual energy, broken bits and false beliefs released, I found myself re-sensitised with my body and its functions in a refreshingly new intimate way. The days after the meditation I noticed myself feeling lighter, alert and newly energised with an experience of relaxation, awareness and inner silence.

Dynamic meditation is designed for modern people to experience meditation. The activity and actions are used to create then release energy, repressed tension and emotion. Clearing the way for the experience of silence. This meditation is a specific response to situations of restlessness, stress and suppression that arise in daily life.


18th June 7- 830pm

13th August 7-830pm

Self investment: $26

Due to Covid, we ask you to please bring your own mat, blankets, cushion 

blessings and light




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