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Self-Love, Devotion

Healing our heart with self-love and Devotion

There are two special dynamics that heal, open, and continue to feed our heart chakra: 1) self-love and 2) devotion to the Divine. Self-love is the first key to happiness and opening our heart.

The root cause of a closed heart is that we do not love ourselves. We are not compassionate with ourselves and passionate toward our own life. Lac of self-caring and intolerance of self weigh heavily on our heart. For our heart chakra to awaken and its love energy to flow, we must develop self-acceptance and self-love.

Self-love is very practical. The simple formula is do not indulge in things that 1) tax your nerves and body, 2) upset your emotions, 3) confuse your mind, and 4) destroy your experience of life. Begin by taking an inventory of how your handle your life. And then make adjustments to relieve stress and to enjoy whatever you are doing from an attitude of gratitude and being present to living your life.

When we love ourselves, we can truly love another. It is through self-understanding and self-kindness that we acquire the sensitivity to understand another person’s feelings and needs. We are able to truly love when no personal agenda is attached, there is no bartering for benefits, and we are capable of sincere compassion. Respect and kindness include giving others the space to handle their own lives. This is opportunity is available to all of us in our hearts.

Our heart chakra integrates our emotional energy of the lower chakras with our deep spiritual connection in the upper chakras. Like Shakti, our spiritual heart opens when we connect with meditate on the peaceful vibration and sweet feeling of Higher Love. When we have this blissful experience, a most beautiful thing happens. The Divine becomes our Beloved, and we engage our emotions for devotion.

The love of Higher Love is our motivating directive, which gives us energy and creates harmony in both our internal and external worlds. Heart-cantered consciousness acts as our guru and guides us toward deeper levels of balance, peace, and joy.

The heart center computes all of our experiences – bad, good, worthwhile, and worthwhile, etc. it gives us information so that we can experience life as it is and be compassionate, kind and respectful toward ourselves, each other and all life.

Until our heart opens to ourselves, we are not real. We act out roles instead of being ourselves. We can ascend in the journey of the soul to our ultimate liberation only when we are connected to our heart. We can practice yoga, chat mantras, meditate, pray, do ceremonies, and be a Sadhu. But there practices must lead us to open our heart to our soul and to Divine Love so that we can savour the most beautiful experience that human life has to offer.

It is a Zoom Kundalini Yoga class on Tuesday 7th September at 6:45 – 8pm.

The class cost is by donation $10 - $20.

Email to book your spot.


Sat Ajeet


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