Astrological reading for 2021

Exit 2020.

An ending and a beginning.

2020 was a turning-point year book-ended by two powerful cosmic conjunctions – an ending and a beginning. The Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn in January signalled the end of a destructive patriarchal globalist system benefiting the few at the expense of the many. While the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius at the full moon solstice on 21st December ushered in the beginning of a New Earth aligned with heart-centred connection and the feminine principles of giving, sharing and including.

In the year of 2020 many of us experienced the painful coming-to-consciousness of things we’ve kept hidden in the furthest davy-dark reaches of our psyches. And while this coming-of-age has brought with it a torrent of fear and uncertainty, it is also shining a bright light on the things we’ve been avoiding on personal and collective levels and offering an opportunity to integrate the shadow. The crisis we need to catalyse change.

Why this deep dive to reclaim ourselves from the heart of darkness? Because without it we will continue to destroy life on Earth like a mob of delinquents labouring under the false belief that we are outcasts in a disconnected universe. In shamanic terms 2020 could be seen as the beginning of a mass soul retrieval: a lever in the spoke of the mighty hamster wheel that stopped it turning long enough to explore inner space and reflect on our relationship to life.

2020 has been preparing us to face into the winds of unknowing and give birth to a totally new and unwritten future. One that is based on a deep gratitude for and connection to life.

Enter 2021.

The year of fast moving.

Already we’re seeing a new round of lockdowns, protests and new information coming to light about the US elections coinciding with the powerful energies of coronal mass ejections from the sun! And in the midst of all this movement and change, we will be experiencing an intensifying pressure to surrender the past which will present as conflicts and challenges that will help us break free from the limits of the old paradigm.

In the months of January and February Neptune squares the nodal axis which will make it difficult to distinguish truth from fiction and fact from fantasy. We will be challenged to question our own belief systems and the existing narratives about the nature of reality. This process of uncoupling from our personally- and collectively-held beliefs will receive impetus from a series of Saturn-Uranus squares in which outmoded systems of control and governance will be urged to undergo radical transformation which will create space for innovation.

As Bette Davis said in an old classic film from the 1940s:

‘Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride’.

Thankfully we are all going through this Earth change together and we have been gifted with the tools of Kundalini Yoga to navigate the bumps.

It’s time to create the New Earth from the inside out.


Sharon Jacobson

Our Chc Astrological Guru

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Meditation description

Chanting with a spine straight and a chin lock will rapidly bring the energy into the head. The relatively short in-breath will also reinforce this effect. A strong concentration at the third eye will be the outcome, permitting the effects mentioned above to take place. Keeping a light mulbhand and abdominal belt tension during the meditation will help containing and directing the energy toward the head.


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