Are your fish swimming in the flow this new moon?

Updated: Mar 30

Like all New Moons, they signal the end of a lunar cycle and the start of another. We leave behind the February Virgo Moon and immerse ourselves in the March Pisces New Moon.

March’s New Moon starts the Pisces archetype that is represented by two fish swimming together in a circle — tail to tail. Swimming in water gives us the experience of being in the flow.

How do we get in the flow?

You can be in the flow by having a neutral mind; that is having an open, accepting, expanding and at peace mindset. Our mindset can direct us towards truth and rouse us to the light of our soul. We need to include a relaxed physical body for us to be in our personal flow and universal flow. When our mind is relaxed in its open clear space, the natural internal flow in our physical and emotional bodies awakens.

The New Moon in Pisces is a time to commit to personal goals that express positive energies of the sign of the Fish. We enter the dreamy, intuitive, romantic Pisces giving us an opportunity to reunite with that aspect of ourselves. Use your mystical gifts to uplift yourself.

Our Piscean tendencies make this day the best day of the year to tune into your imagination and subconscious. Do not be surprised if your intuition is deep and by starting a new project, your imagination and visualisation will flow both artistically and creatively. You may feel like embracing fantasy, glamour, all that is spiritual and experiment with alternative healing therapies.

Allow all your imperfections to feel a sense of acceptance during this time, by being sensitive to your vulnerabilities. If you do not second guess your decisions during the New Moon on March 13th, you will rake in success. With this potent Pisces energy there is an opportunity for things to flow, that will see important changes in your life that moves you forward.

Our March New Moon Kundalini yoga practice is a 90 minute class, you’ll experience a Kundalini Yoga practice that will unlock the highest expression of the Piscean archetype within you and you’ll walk away with a new-found appreciation for this aspect of your Self that you may have disowned or forgotten about.


Guru Devi and Sita Simran


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